Samsung 2012 HDTV Lineup

In 2011 Samsung was the most popular HDTV brand in the U.S, producing and shipping the highest volume.

For 2012 it looks like Samsung have set their sights even higher, announcing a massive lineup of 46 new models across 10 new lines. Seven new LCD lines and three new plasma lines.

It’s interesting to see Samsung introduce so many new lines for this year, after stating that the LCD market is saturated by so many models. This year Sony went the other way, and only announced ten new models.

Lets get down to the juicy details.

Samsung ES8000 Series

Sitting proudly right at the top of Samsung’s 2012 HDTV line up is the Samsung ES8000 series. You can almost tell that this is Samsung’s latest flagship HDTV by just looking at it. Samsung say that the ES8000 series is “more than just a pretty face”, offering the highest image quality, and making it future proof. The ES8000 series can be upgraded in the future with Samsung Evolution Kit, which slots into the back of the HDTV, allowing it to be upgraded, enabling you to have the latest technology without bying a new HDTV every year.

The Samsung ES8000 series is a 3D Smart LED HDTV meaning it offers a whole range of interactive and Internet features such as allowing you to surf the web, while watching the TV, access Netflix, and even Skype with friends and family around the world thanks to the built in webcam.

Samsung UN60ES8000

Samsung UN60ES8000

The Samsung ES8000 series is available in five sizes from the 46-inch Samsung UN46ES8000, all the way upto the massive 75-inch Samsung UN75ES8000. If you want the a very impressive looking HDTV with even more impressive image quality and features, the ES8000 should certainly be catching your attention.

For more information, be sure to read our Samsung ES8000 article.

  • UN46ES8000 | $2699
  • UN55ES8000 | $3399
  • UN60ES8000 | $3999
  • UN65ES8000 | $4699
  • UN75ES8000 | $7299

Samsung ES7500 Series

For the rest of Samsung’s 2012 lineup, the details are few and far between. Just one step down from the ES8000 series in the Samsung ES7500 series. As far as we can tell, the ES7500 range is very similar to the flagship ES8000, if not idential feature wise, appart from the ES7500 has “Micro Dimming” where as the ES8000 has “Ultimate Micro Dimming”. Basically this is where the HDTV controle the LED backlights to brighten and dim in areas of the screen to improve contrast ratios.

Samsung ES7500

Samsung ES7500

The Samsung ES7500 keeps all its “Smart” functions such as voice and gesture control thanks to its camera. It also has an ultra slim bezel of just 0.2-inches thick. It also has a 960Hz refresh, active 3D with shutter glasses, and built in WiFi.  These models run about $300 cheaper than the 8000’s, so in the larger 60-inch Samsung UN60ES7500, there isn’t a huge price difference.

  • UN46ES7500 | $2399
  • UN50ES7500 | $2699
  • UN55ES7500 | $3099
  • UN60ES7500 | $3699

Samsung ES7100 Series

We currently have very little information on the Samsung ES71000 series.  We know that they are all “Smart TVs” power by a dual core processor as with the other higher models.  They also feature Micro Dimming Plus, have a 240Hz refresh rate and a 720 CRM, built in WiFi and come with four pairs of 3D glasses.

The Samsung ES7100 series is available from the 46-inch Samsung UN46ES7100, to the 60-inch Samsung UN60ES7100 .

  • UN46ES7100 | $2199
  • UN50ES7100 | $2499
  • UN55ES7100 | $2899
  • UN60ES7100 | $3499

Samsung ES6500 Series

We know even less about the Samsung ES6500 series, but we do have a very nice photo, know it covers 40-inch to 65-inch and we have the model names and prices.  This is a 3D HDTV.

samsung ES6500

Samsung ES6500

  • UN40ES6500 | $1599
  • UN46ES6500 | $1829
  • UN50ES6500 | $2179
  • UN55ES6500 | $2619
  • UN60ES6500 | $3279
  • UN65ES6500 | $3999

Samsung ES6100 Series

The same goes for the Samsung ES6100 series, we will fill this out as more information is released about the ES6100 models.  This is a 3D HDTV.

  • UN40ES6100 | $1099
  • UN46ES6100 | $1299
  • UN50ES6100 | $1599
  • UN55ES6100 | $1999
  • UN60ES6100 | $2599

Samsung EH6000 Series

The EH indicates a non-3D HDTV, and the Samsung EH6000 series is the higher of the two non 3D series.  More information will be added here as it becomes available.

  • UN40EH6000 | $779
  • UN46EH6000 | $979
  • UN50EH6000 | $1149
  • UN55EH6000 | $1399
  • UN60EH6000 | $1899
  • UN65EH6000 | $2399

Samsung EH5300 Series

This is the most budget friendly non-3D HDTV from Samsung for 2012.  Right now we don’t know have it differs from the EH6000, but it is runs $50 cheaper.

  • UN32EH5300 | $529
  • UN40EH5300 | $729
  • UN46EH5300 | $929
  • UN50EH5300 | $1099
  • UN55EH6000 | $1349
  • UN60EH6000 | $1849
  • UN65EH6000 | $2349

Samsung also announced three new plasma ranges for 2012.

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