Samsung 2012 Plasma HDTV Lineup

Samsung is the most popular HDTV manufacture in the US right now, and always offer a great range of HDTVs from the very highend, to the more budget friendly models.

For 2012 Samsung introduced forty odd new HDTV divided into ten new series. Of course the majority of these were LCD HDTVs, but Samsung didn’t forget about those who prefer plasma, and have introduced three new plasma lines for 2012.

Samsung E8000 Series

The top of the range / flagship plasma HDTV or 2012 is the Samsung E8000 series (not to be confused with the flagship Samsung ES8000 series for their LED / LED range).

Available as the 51-inch Samsung PN51E8000 to the 64-inch Samsung PN64E8000. The E8000 HDTVs are “Smart TVs”, and measure just 1.5-inches in thickness and have a new ultra slim bezel.

Samsung E8000

Samsung E8000

Other features include local contrast enhancer, voice and gesture interaction, and 3D. For more information on this flagship plasma series, read our Samsung E8000 article.

  • Samsung PN51E8000 | 51-Inch, $2249
  • Samsung PN60E8000 | 59-Inch, $3099
  • Samsung PN64E8000 | 64-Inch, $3999

Samsung E7000 series

Unfortunately very little are currently known about the next two Samsung plasma HDTV series.  We do however know the model numbers, sizes and prices as listed below.

The Samsung E7000 models feature a slim design with new super slim bezel, has Smart TV functions and 3D capabilities.

  • Samsung PN51E7000 | 51-Inch, $1699
  • Samsung PN59E7000 | 59-Inch, $2549
  • Samsung PN64E7000 | 64-Inch, $3399

Samsung E6500 series

Even less is currently known about the Samsung E65000 series, but again with have the model numbers, sizes and prices for you.  Expect more details to be added as it becomes available.

  • Samsung PN51E6500 | 51-Inch, $1619
  • Samsung PN59E6500 | 59-Inch, $2299
  • Samsung PN64E6500 | 64-Inch, $TBA

Update:  We thought just thee new series didn’t seem like enough plasmas for 2012.  There are also the Samsung E550, E530, E490, E450 series, which come just below these models, offering more budget friendly prices.

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2 Responses to “Samsung 2012 Plasma HDTV Lineup”

  1. these prices are bull.i just placed an order for the 64pne8000 for $3587. and the 59 inch is actually the 60 inch as samsung did away with the 59 inch in the es/e8000 lines. the 60pne8000 could be had for $2999. however it is hard to justify the $600 price jump for 4 inches.

    • Thanks for the correction to the 60-inch over the 59-inch. I fixed this in another post, but must have missed this one.

      Where did you order from Tonyjd?