Samsung Add New 3D Blu-Ray Players

Samsung has quietly added three new 3D Blu-ray players to their existing line up, expanding out their offering.

We didn’t see an official press release being pushed out this time, but four new 3D supporting Samsung blu-ray players can now be found on Samsung’s official website.

The new models are; Samsung BD-C5900, BD-C6800 and BD-C7900.

At the top of the range is the Samsung BD-C7900 which has a MSRP of $399, and is an update to the previous BD-C6900 model. It adds two HDMI outputs which can be very useful in connecting up a dedicated receive which doesn’t support the new HDMI 1.4 standards.

Samsung BD-C7900

Samsung BD-C7900

The next is the Samsung BD-C6800, this has a price tag of $279. It appears to have all of the same features and functions of the C6900 mentioned above, but without the porthole at the top. So you won’t be able to see the disc spinning, but, its not like that is very important.

Finally the Samsung BD-C5900 comes in at just over the magical $200 mark at $229. It fully support Blu-ray 3D, but it doesn’t support PiP (Picture in Picture) support, nor feature the 1GB of internal storage, as the other models do, so BD-Live won’t be supported out of the box. But it is very easy to plug in a cheap 1GB or larger USB memory stick.

The Samsung BD-C5900 is already available to buy from Amazon for just $205!

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