Samsung To Stream 4K Sports Events

Most of the general public have a hard time justifying the higher costs of a 4K Ultra HDTV due to the current lack of 4K content. I see this personally on our YouTube channel, and the major TV manufacturers know this too.

They know that if they want to sell their latest 4K TVs there needs to be a supply of 4K content, and it looks like Samsung is going to do all that they can to make this happen.

Philips Newton, Samsung’s Vice President said to an Australian media that they feel that sporting events are one of the most popular event to watch at home. He said, “We know that sports content is very important for consumers, and our focus for the future is to expand our current sports offering. We’re already discussing these plans with broadcasters from around the world, and hopeful that we can deliver 85% of the world’s major sporting events live in 4K”.

We know from our own CES videos that Roger Goodell, the commissioner of NFL wants to get the NFL on 4K.

While Samsung say they’re making “every effort” to ensure that its customers can access sport in 4K from around the world, they didn’t elaborate on just how or when they plan to achieve this.

4k Sports

4k Sports

We highly suspect that Samsung will be looking into using the new HEVC / H.265 codec, which offers twice the compression rates compared to the commonly used H.264 currently in use.

We have also seen Sony investing a lot into 4K content with talks of a 4K media server, and of course their 4K loaned media server which comes with their 84-inch 4K HDTV.

4K is clearly the future, it’s now just a matter of time to when it will arrive to the mainstream. From both the consumer’s and manufacturer’s point of view, sooner is clearly better!

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