Samsung Curved OLED TV Launched For $13,000

Samsung has recently announced that it has launched their 55-inch curved OLED TV over in South Korea.

The TV will set you back $13,000, and is said to be available in more markets from next month.

Samsung showed off their 55-inch curved OLED at CES 2013 in January. They had just a single set in the corner of their booth, while LG on the other hand has a whole bunch of their own on a much bigger display. Be sure to view the embedded video below for a video of both.

While at CES both companies stated that they weren’t going to be released, but a few months ago LG announced sale of their 55-inch, and said there would be larger models coming soon, so we can’t help but suspect that this motivated Samsung to release their model.

This curved OLED TV from Samsung actually becomes their very first OLED TV to make it to the market, after years of showing off prototype models at CES and other press events. Still no word on a release of their “standard” 55-inch OLED TV which was on display at CES 2013.

Samsung Curved OLED

Samsung Curved OLED

This ultra thin TV has a slightly curved design with a curved outer frame which looks similar to its new Ultra HD TV which were recently announced.

Samsung didn’t really announce much more than that, revealing only the price an no specifications. But as with any OLED we know it has amazing colors and perfect viewing angles. We also know it comes with Samsung’s latest Smart TV platform, and works with the Samsung Evolution kit.

It also features Multi View (which we saw demonstrated at CES), that allows two users to view two different channels in 3D or up to four different users in 2D, using 3D glasses with built in headphones.

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