Samsung 55-Inch Super OLED HDTV Q3 2012

We have known about Samsung’s upcoming OLED HDTV since late November, but of course Samsung said nothing official themselves, until now that is.

LG made a much bigger fuss over their 55-inch OLED, claiming it to be the “World’s biggest OLED HDTV”, where Samsung has taken the much quieter route, maybe letting their product do the talking for them.

The 55-Inch Samsung OLED HDTV is produced from a single pane of glass, and makes use of Samsung’s own Super OLED technology, resulting in supreme image quality and a very slim HDTV. As the RGB pixels are self emitting there is no need for a color filter or backlight. As they are self emitting they can be completely turned off with no light leakage, resulting in ultra high contrast ratios and image quality.

Samsung Super OLED HDTV 55-Inch

Samsung Super OLED HDTV 55-Inch

The Samsung Super OLED HDTV is also packing the latest in technology and features a dual core processor to power features such as voice control, motion control and face recognition. Users can control turn the TV on / off, adjust volume and control apps by simply telling the HDTV what you want it to do.

Along with these advanced features and of course amazing image quality, the Samsung OLED HDTV is also a 3D TV.

No model number or any hint at prices just yet. But Samsung have informed us that it will be available in the US in the second half of this year.

Anyone care to take a guess at the price?

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