Samsung 65F9000, 55F9000 4K Ultra HDTVs Announced

Now this is the news we have been waiting for! Samsung Korea have just officially announced the Samsung F9000 series of 4K Ultra HD TVs.

The 65-inch Samsung 65F9000, and the 55-inch Samsung 55F9000 will be available to pre-order over in Japan from June 1st next month, and Samsung have even included pricing.

The 55-inch 55F9000 has a price of 6.4 million won, which equates to $5,675, and the 65-inch 65F9000 8.9 million won, or $7,910. Of course this is just a direct conversion as a guide and not the price we will actually see once it is released in the U.S, but it looks about right.

Samsung F9000

Samsung F9000

Update:  You can now purchase the F9000 4K Ultra HDTV in the U.S direct from Amazon saving over $1,000!

Sony beat Samsung and LG to the smaller sized 4K game with their 65-inc hand 55-inch 4K models (Sony XBR-65X900A, XBR-55X900A), which start at $4,999. We would like to think that Samsung would price match Sony, or maybe even undercut them slightly. I expect to hear Samsung USA to give pricing and dates for their release in the next couple of weeks.

While Sony and LG showed off their smaller 4K models at CES 2013, Samsung just showed off their huge S9 series of 85-inch, and 110-inch monsters. Be sure to watch our hands on of the 85-inch Samsung S9 in London.

From the provided press photos it looks the the 55-inch and 65-inch F9000 UHD TVS have a design very similar to the F8000 series which was announced at CES 2013.

They of course feature the latest 2013 Smart Hub, no doubt powered by a quad core processor. They also feature the Samsung Evolution port, enabling you to upgrade it via future Evolution Kits.

Much like the S9 4K TV we saw in London, the F9000’s feature Samsung’s One Connect. The gives the back of the TV a clean back, by only having one video cable running to the TV, with a small hub type box connected to the other end, where you can connect your HDMI and other devices. (Shown in my S9 video).

Samsung 65F9000

Samsung 65F9000

It looks like Samsung will also be giving anyone who pre orders the F9000’s a coupon for a free 2014 upgrade (we assume this means the 2014 Evolution Kit) and a free exercise bike game (shown in this video here).

Going by standard Samsung U.S names, we assume these will have a future model name of Samsung UN65F9000 and UN55F9000 (UE65F9000 and UE55F9000 for Europe).

Update:  Samsung have announced the F9000 series in the U.S and the U.K!  Check this post for prices and dates!

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4 Responses to “Samsung 65F9000, 55F9000 4K Ultra HDTVs Announced”

  1. and a free upgrade kit 2014 for ue65f9000 europe version too???

    • I’m not sure about the free upgrade for people in Europe. I would like to think so, but I haven’t heard anything. I can inquire for you if you wish.

  2. Please inguire as I’m about to buy an 55F9000 and the ones you buy now have still the old 2013 One connect box.

  3. does anybody have any idea whether this TV’s panel is 8 bit or 10 bit?