Samsung 85-Inch Ultra HD TV At CES 2013

With CES 2013 now less than two months away you can expect a whole barrel load of new Smart TVs, Ultra HDs, and good old fashioned HDTVs coming your way!

We’ll be there covering it all first hand for you all!

If you remember from last year, we saw both Samsung and LG claiming to both have the worlds first, and worlds biggest OLED HDTVs, both of the same size and both announced at the same time!

Basically it’s a big game of who’s biggest and who’s first. But we love competition as it drives the market forwards!

Samsung UN75ES9000

Samsung UN75ES9000 (Not the 85-Inch Ultra HD)

Samsung have just let us know that they’re planning to show off an 85-Inch Ultra HD TV at CES 2013. It’s interesting to note that at 85-Inches it’s one full inch bigger than the current 85-Inch Ultra HD offerings from Sony and LG. Be sure to watch our hands on video of the Sony 84-Inch 4K Ultra HDTV.

But of course Samsung will be keen to claim that it is the world’s largest Ultra HD LED TV to market! That is unless Sony, LG or someone else comes out with an 86-Inch model!

If you didn’t know, “Ultra HD” / “UHD” is now the official name for 4K. Sony are sticking with 4K calling their products 4K Ultra HD.  To be classified as a UHD TV, the TV must have a resolution of at least 3,840 pixels by 2,160 pixel, and have at least one input capable of 4k input.

Update:  We have just recored an exclusive hands on video of the 85-inch Samsung Ultra HD TV (Samsung S9) ! Embedded below.

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