Gesture Controlled Angry Birds On Samsung Smart TVs

Judging from our latest series of articles, it’s easy to see that the latest series of “Smart TV” certainly are becoming smarter and smarter.

Having just written two articles about eye controlled, and gesture controlled TVs, and LG launching their own “Game World” app store. Samsung have almost just gone ahead and combined these two into one.

The 100 million selling hugly popular Angry Birds game which is available on smartphones and tablets has just been released on Samsung’s latest range of Smart TVs.

But that’s not the interesting part. This version of Angry Birds is Gesture-controlled! This means that with the higherend 2012 Samsung HDTVs, such as the ES7500 series we reviewed earlier in the month, you will be able to play the game simply by waving your hands around.

Angry Birds Samsung Smart TV

Angry Birds Samsung Smart TV

Making use of the built in webcam and “Gesture Control” features, this is the first time that you can play Angry Birds in this way.

Samsung are really pushing their new Smart TV technology, especially their gesture control / smart interactions features, and we’re sure that Angry birds will help highlight this technology. I kind of wish I still had my review unit around so I could test this out for myself!

Samsung were also keen to point out that their app store already features over 2000 apps. For more on the Samsung Smart TV functions, be sure to read my Samsung ES7000 review (known as the ES7500 in the US).

Angry Birds will run on the following Samsung Smart TVs.

  • UN46ES7500
  • UN46ES7550
  • UN55ES7500
  • UN55ES7550
  • UN60ES7500
  • UN60ES7550
  • UN46ES8000
  • UN55ES8000
  • UN60ES8000
  • UN65ES8000
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