New Samsung OLED TVs & BADA Smart TV: CES 2013 Rumors

We’re now just two short months away from CES 2013 kicking off the biggest mass announcement of new HDTVs in the world. We will be there with our army of cameras capturing it all for you.

As like every other year, before CES kicks off, first comes rumors, then comes leaks.

Right now we’re hearing creditable rumors about Samsung, and a new range of OLED TVs and a new Smart TV based on their successful Bada software.

I think that Samsung’s current Smart TV interface is one of the best out there right now, this can be seen in my Samsung 46ES7000 Review. But Samsung clearly wants it to be a whole lot better, and have apparently spent more than $250 million on its new software development.

Samsung have been doing very well recently in the Smart phone and tablet market, taking market share away from Apple. A lot of this popularity has been gained thanks to their Bada software interface. Samsung have now developed this software for use on their latest Smart TVs. The new interface it said to be a lot less cluttered and adds new apps and streaming support.

Samsung ES9500

Samsung OLED

If you remember from last year, many of Samsung’s new Smart TVs featured an Evolution port for use with future “Evolution Kits” which add new power and features. It makes me suspect and hopeful that the currently latest batch of HDTVs could be “Evolved” to make use of this new interface.

Along with talk of the new Bada Smart TV interface is talk of “a new range” of OLED. This in itself implies more than one. We’re hoping we see some other sizes and options, and not just new stand options or something like that. But Philip Newton, Director of AV for Samsung Australia said that they’re planning to launch new OLED TVs at CES which are “stunning”.

As to when these OLED TVs will emerge is anyones guess. Both Samsung and LG wowed the world at CES earlier in the year with their OLED TV offerings, but as or right now, none are available.

Only time will tell, but we’re hopefully for both rumors. As we said earlier, we’ll be at CES in Las Vegas in January so we’ll bring you all the news.

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