Samsung DA-F60 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

When we reviewed the flagship Samsung F8000 Smart TV, we were also provided with the beautiful little Samsung DA-F60 portable bluetooth speaker.

We of course jumped at the chance to review this speaker. If you’re wondering how the DA-F60 ties into a HDTV / Smart TV website, it’s because Samsung have designed the DA-F60 to work with many of their latest Smart TVs via a wireless “SoundShare” mode. This allows you to use this speaker instead of your Smart TV’s built in speakers, with the added benefit of being able to take the speaker into another room with you and continue to listen to the program.

We reviewed the DA-F60, which has a silver finish, but there is also the Samsung DA-F61 which is identical, but has a darker finish.

The portable bluetooth market is becoming a very crowed one, and is full of small, cheap devices offering sub par audio. The Samsung DA-F60 on the other hand easily stands out from the crowd, and for more reasons than just its stylish design.

Along with its great design, it also features NFC for easy wireless connection, and apt-X technology for CD quality wireless streaming. The speaker is portable, and features a battery which can power it for 10-12 hours allowing you to use it outside.

We were very impressed by its excellent build quality, it has a very highend look and feel to it. At the back of the speaker there is the power input port for charging it, line-in for non bluetooth devices, and also a USB port which can cleverly be used to charge your SmartPhone or tablet. We love that they have thought to include this port, as what point is there of having a portable speaker which can be used on its battery for 12 hours, when your phone could die sooner while it is busy trying to stream your audio.

On the right hand side of the DA-F60 there is a volume control which neatly pops out, along with the power button, a mute button, bass boost button, and input select button. The input button allows you to select between bluetooth, line-in, and a TV connection via SoundShare. These are shown by a number of discreet stylish LEDs on the front right of the speaker. There is also a charge indicator at the bottom which glows white when you turn the speaker on or off. It shows the charge level, and will change to red when the battery is getting low.

Samsung DA-F60

Samsung DA-F60

The DAF60 is a small device making it very portable, but for such a small device we were very impressed not only by its audio quality and clarity, but also by its power and volume. It makes use of two 10 watt Neodymium speaker, which are compact but also very powerful for their size.

We found the audio to be very warm and very detailed, with a surprising level of bass. This bass was probably nice and hearty thanks to its Passive Bass Radiator. You can also boost the bass levels even further by pressing the bass boost button on the side, but we were more than happy with its bass in its standard mode.

We like the retro look and feel of the pop out volume control, and it was a joy to turn the volume higher and higher and not hear any distortion or straining from the speaker. We keep on turning the volume up to test it out, and at one point it was pretty much bouncing its way along or desk!

We like the cover that it comes with, which helps to protect the front metal grill while you transport it around. The DA-F60 / DA-F61 only weighs 1kg. You can also remove the cover by sliding it sideways at the base, as shown in the video review. Don’t try and pull at it like we did the first time!

Samsung DA-F60 Cover

Samsung DA-F60 Cover

You can pair your device with the speaker by manually selecting it in the bluetooth options, or if you’re lucky enough to own an NFC device, you can simply touch your NFC Smartphone or tablet to the NFC logo on the left side of the speaker, this will wake the speaker up from standby and pair it. This makes the whole pairing process painless, and makes it very easy from multiple users to play their own music at a gathering or party.

As mentioned earlier, the DA-F60 also works wirelessly with many of Samsung’s 2012 and 2013 Smart TVs. It’s very easy to setup, simply press the input button on the right hand side of the speaker until the TV logo shows, and then select “SoundShare” mode in the TV’s audio options, and select the DA-F60.

Samsung DA-F60 Back

Samsung DA-F60 Back

Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended

We tested it with the flagship Samsung F8000 Smart TV, and found it added some extra punch to our listening experience. Unfortunately you can’t use the TV’s speakers and the bluetooth speaker at the same time. You can use the TVs remote control to adjust the volume levels of the speaker.

Another benefit of this setup, is that it allows you to bring the speaker with you to another room, and continue to listen to your programs. I can see it being useful brining it to the kitchen to get some drinks, while a game is on or something.

Over all we were very impressed with the Samsung DA-F60 portable bluetooth speaker. It’s an extremely well built and stylish device which really does sound as good as it looks!

With more than enough volume to fill a room or decent sized outside space, and added bonuses such as NFC and Apt-X high quality streaming, we have awarded the Samsung DA-F60 four and a half stars out of five.

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