Samsung E550, E530, E490, E450 Plasmas Revealed

When Samsung announced their new lineup at CES 2012 at the start of the year, there was a lot of fanfare over their ES8000, and E8000 flagship models, but the details were more scarce as we got further down the lit.

Samsung announced 10 new series, 7 new LCD series, and 3 new plasma series. And it did seems a little one sided, with only three new plasma ranges.

Over the past week we have seen the prices of Samsung’s entire range leak out, and with the prices of course come the model names. With these model names we have seen three more plasma ranges come to light. The Samsung E550 series, E490 series, and the E450 series.

We have previously covered their flagship E8000 series, E7000, and E650 series models, but now bring you their more budget friendly plasma models.

Samsung E550

The Samsung E550 Series is Samsung’s budget 1080p 3D plasma offering. It’s available in four sizes from 43-inches to 64-inch. The active 3D plasma HDTV includes 2 pairs of 3D glasses and features the new Start TV online suite.

Samsung PN51E550

Samsung PN51E550

The Samsung E550 series is worth a look if you’re looking for a modern HDTV with good features but also a very good price.

  • PN43E550 | 43-Inch, TBA
  • PN51E550 | 51-Inch, $1199
  • PN60E550 | 60-Inch, $1799
  • PN64E550 | 64-Inch, $2499

Samsung E530 / Samsung PN60E530

We believe the Samsung E530 series to consist of just the 60-inch Samsung PN60E530, so it’s less of a series and more of a model. While very little information is currently available, we believe the 60-inch PN60E530 to have a 1080p “real black plasma panel”, but that’s about it, and no 3D capability.

But if you’re looking for a large plasma HDTV at a good price, and aren’t bothered by 3D and other fancy features, the Samsung PN60E530 at just $1,499 should certainly have your attention!

Samsung E490 Series

Next up is the Samsung E490 series, these models have a 720p plasma panel rather than a 1080p. But these are 3D plasma HDTVs. The E490 series is available in two sizes, as the 43-inch Samsung PN43E490, and as the 51-inch Samsung PN51E490. These E490 replace the popular D490 from 2011, so we can only see these new models doing just as well. They both now make use of the “Real Black Filter” that was found on last years high end models, improving the contrast levels.

  • PN43E490 | 43-Inch, $TBA
  • PN51E490 | 51-Inch, $719

If you’re looking for a large 3D HDTV at a very competitive price the Samsung E490 series should be looking very appealing to you!

Samsung E450 Series

Rounding out the bottom is the Samsung E450 series, but once again, it’s less of a series, and more of a model.  Just the one 43-inch this time, the Samsung PN43E450.  Also very little information to go on right now, but it appears as if the PN43E450 is similar to the E490’s but lacks the 3D feature.

This is the smallest and cheapest plasma HDTV from Samsung for 2012, but at 43-inches it isn’t really that small, and at just $499 it’s a real bargain.

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  1. Are the prices quoted for the Samsung products i.e. PN64E550 | 64-Inch, $2499 in US dollars?