Samsung E8000 | Flagship Plasma HDTV (PN51E8000, PN60E8000, PN64E8000)

Along with their very impressive OLED HDTV, Samsung are grabbing a lot of attention with their Smart TVs. Along with their flagship LED HDTV (the ES8000), there is also the Samsung E8000 (E, rather than ES) plasma Smart HDTV series.

Samsung didn’t spill quiet as information on their flagship plasma range as they did with their LED sets, but will bring you all we currently know.

The Samsung E8000 Smart TV measures just 1.5-inches thick, and makes use of Samsung’s new Plasma +1 ulta-slim bezel. This reduces the gap between screen content and the bezel, making for a smaller TV with less wasted space and a clean finish. The bezel is titan black metal color, and has a crystal like border.

The E8000 range will be available as the 51-inch Samsung PN51E8000, 59-inch PN60E8000, and the 64-inch PN64E8000.

Samsung E8000

Samsung E8000

Samsung are claiming that the E8000 plasma offers their very best quality of any plasma HDTV to date. It makes use on the new “Real Black Pro” panel, resulting in higher contrast, deeper black, and bolder colors.

As with the Samsung ES8000 Smart TV, the E8000 plasma range includes the same smart features; such gesture control, voice control and smart interaction. It’s all powered by a dual core possessor and allowed for multi tasking and running on apps while viewing TV. For more information on the smart features please read our ES8000 article.

Oh, we nearly forgot, the Samsung E8000 plasma range are also 3D HDTVs, with 2D to 3D features. No word on pricing or release dates just yet.

Update: The top of the range Samsung E8000 plasma HDTV are now all shipping out from Amazon at greatly reduced prices. Starting at just $1,799

  • Samsung PN51E8000 | 51-Inch, $2249
  • Samsung PN60E8000 | 59-Inch, $2799
  • Samsung PN64E8000 | 64-Inch, $3599
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