Samsung ES8000, EH5300 Prices / Pre-order Live

Ever since Samsung unveiled their very impressive looking flagship LED Smart HDTV series, the Samsung ES8000 series at CES 2012 it has been one of our most popular articles on the site. Clearly there are a lot of people who have their eyes on the this HDTV line.

As with every other manufacturers this year, Samsung didn’t announce the prices or release dates for any of their new 2012 HDTVs. Where as Panasonic, Sharp and Sony have very recently had their prices leaked via authorized distributors, Vanns have gone one step further with Samsung.

Thanks to a number of pre-order pages at Vanns, we now know the prices for the highend flagship ES8000 series of LED LCD 3D Smart HDTVs, and mid range EH5300.

The 46-inch Samsung UN46ES8000 has been listed with a regular price of $2,999, but can be had for $2,699. The 60-inch for $3,999 down from $4,399, the 65-inch for $3,699, and the massive 75-inch for $7,999.

They’re also listing the mid range Samsung EH5300 series, where you can get the 32-inch Samsung UN32EH5300 for just $529.70, up to the 50-inch Samsung UN50EH5300 for $1,099.70.

The deleted prices are the MMRP, while the next price is the price on Amazon.

Update: Forget about Vanns, Amazon are now shipping out the 46-inch and 55-inch ES800 with 10% off! Check the list below.

Samsung ES8000

Samsung UN46ES8000 | 46-Inch, $2,999, $2,699 Amazon
Samsung UN55ES8000 | 55-Inch, $3,749, $3,399 Amazon
Samsung UN60ES8000 | 60-Inch, $4,399, $3,999
Samsung UN65ES8000 | 65-Inch, $5,099, $4,699
Samsung UN75ES8000 | 75-Inch, $7,999

Samsung UN60ES8000

Samsung UN60ES8000

$2,699 seems like a very reasonable asking price for the latest flagship 3D / Smart HDTV from Samsung, but if you’re looking for the biggest and best HDTV at 75-inches, you’ll have to be prepared to shell out $7,999.

Samsung EH5300

  • Samsung UN32EH5300 | 32-Inch, $529.70
  • Samsung UN40EH5300 | 40-Inch, $729.70
  • Samsung UN46EH5300 | 46-Inch, $929.70
  • Samsung UN50EH5300 | 50-Inch, $1,099.70
Samsung UN50EH5300

Samsung UN50EH5300

Just over $500 for a 32-inch LED LCD Samsung HDTV? A great bargain if you ask me.  And just over $1k for a large 50-inch LED HDTV, also a bargain.  I’m sure Samsung will do very well with their HDTV sales for 2012.

Update:  The full Samsung 2012 HDTV Price list is now available.

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  1. Any word when the UN65ES8000 will be shipping?