Samsung ES8000 Series – Flagship LED Smart TV

Samsung might have initially grabbed peoples attention with their upcoming OLED HDTV. But a lot of that attention has now shifted to the more immediate release, their new top of the line flagship LED Smart HDTV, the Samsung ES8000 series.

Samsung are calling their new ES8000 LED HDTV “more than just a pretty face”. While the ES8000 range is certainly a great looking TV, its beauty extends past its gorgeous design as the ES8000 is a Smart TV, and a very smart one at that.

The ES8000 range is a “future proof” TV according to Samsung. The TV can continue to evolve as it features a simple slot at the back of the TV which allows to TV to be upgraded via the system on a chip technology. Rather than upgrade to a whole new TV every year, Samsung are offering you to change to keep up with the latest technology by simply upgrading your existing set thanks to Samsung’s Evolution Kit.

Samsung UN46ES8000, UN55ES8000, UN65ES8000

Although not strictly stated on their press release we believe the ES8000 range to be available in 46-inches as the Samsung 46ES8000 (Samsung UE45800), 60 or 65-inch as the 60ES8000 / 65ES8000, and also rumors of a 70-inch inch model the 70ES8000. Will we contact Samsung to confirm this for you.

Samsung ES8000

Samsung ES8000

As you would guess from being their flagship model, the Samsung ES8000 Smart LED HDTV has a full 1080P HD panel, and also supports 3D with 2D to 3D conversion. Using the latest “Micro dimming ultimate” technology which analyzes the picture in hundreds of pieces and optimizes the LED backlight and video signal in real time for higher contrast ratios, brighter whites, darker blacks and eliminates the “halo” effect.

Samsung has returned to their minimalistic luxurious design for the ES8000 series. The bezel is now almost gone, measuring just 0.2-inches. It has a chrome finish, which no doubt looks great, but personally I might be a bit worried about distracting reflections, but as it’s so thin, I doubt it would be a problem.

As if the design, image quality and upgradeability of this series wasn’t enough, it also features a dual core processor, webcam for gesture and voice interaction (Via Samsung Smart Interaction), and true multitasking. For example you can surf the Internet while downloading applications, or watch a movie via Netflix, and view the stocks or football scores without interrupting the movie.

If you’re looking for a Smart TV from Samsung, but plasma is more your style, Samsung have you covered with the Samsung E8000 Series.

Update: Great news! The 46-inch Samsung UN46ES8000 ($2,699.99), and 55-inch UN55ES8000 ($3,399.99) are now available and shipping out from Amazon with 10% off!

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