Samsung ES9500 OLED Coming Soon For $9000

Samsung undoubtedly stole the show at CES 2012 with their “World’s First” 55-inch OLED HDTV.

Since then everyone has been excited to hear more about this beautiful set, and the future of TV.

Recently it was rumored that Samsung has pushed forwards its release of the 55-Inch Samsung ES9500 OLED TV to be the first on the market ahead of LG, along with showing a production model.

Well it seems the rumors were true. Just a few days ago Samsung showed off the production model of the ES9500 OLED TV at the world’s fair in Korea, proudly proclaiming the “World’s First OLED TV”. While this isn’t strictly true, as there have been smaller OLED TVs (15-inch) before, we’ll let this one slide.

We’ll cut rtight to the juicy details. How much and when? Associated Press say that company officials are expecting it to go on sale for 10 million won, which is roughly $9,000 USD. And will be available in the second half of this year.

Samsung ES9500

Samsung ES9500

In the article Samsung highlight the self emitting light sub pixel technology used, which allows for total contrast control of each pixel, and producing life like colors which are 20% richer than LED TVs.

They also mention that the 3D technology in the Samsung ES9500 can be used with their Dual View technology to allow two people to watch two different channels (or inputs) on the TV at the same time in full screen.

As you would expect, just like Samsung’s other latest highend HDTV, the ES9500 is a “Smart TV” and has advanced features such as gesture and voice control.

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