Samsung Evolution Kit Installation (Video)

Ever since Samsung introduced the idea of the Evolution Kit on the mid to high end 2012 Smart TVs I, and many other people have been very curious about it.

The Samsung Evolution Kit was announced back at CES 2012 with the 2012 Samsung Smart TVs, but very little information was provided, except that it would upgrade the 2012 Smart TVs. Until now, all we have had, is a look at was the empty Evolution port on the 2012 models.

Now a year later, while at CES 2013 I was lucky enough to be given a dedicated hands on look at the Samsung Evolution Kit, and its installation / upgrade procedure. They even went far enough to remove the Evolution Kit from the back of the Samsung ES8000 to show us how it would be without the Evolution kit, and then guided us through the physical installation of the Evolution Kit into Evolution Kit port, which I must say is simply plug and play. (The cable is only needed if you use Ethernet, rather than WiFi).

We then show the software installation, which is surprisingly fast (less than 20 seconds), and ever faster than a standard firmware update. Finally we show the use of the new 2013 Smart Hub running on the 2012 Samsung ES8000 thanks to the Evolution Kit.

The Evolution Kit essentially updates the 2012 Samsung Smart TVs (with an evolution kit port, ES7000, ES7500, ES8000) to the 2013 Smart Hub with S-Recommendation and new voice control. As seen in the video, it also comes with a new remote (with mic) to enable the new voice control features. It packs a quad core processor which drastically speeds up the performance.

We have heard that the first Evolution Kit to become available will be the Samsung VG-SEK1000, which will be available in March. No word on pricing just yet!

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2 Responses to “Samsung Evolution Kit Installation (Video)”

  1. Ok…so with the new OLED tvs coming out (right about the same time as the Evolution Kit launch), just how close to to the OLED performance, will the Evolution Kit upgrades provide?

    • Ray, the Evolution kit is an upgrade of the Smart TV platform, to bring some of the 2012 models upto 2013 spec.

      It doesn’t enhance the image quality to OLED levels.