Samsung Smart Evolution Kit to Cost $299, Available April

We have been following the development of Samsung’s Smart Evolution Kit ever since it was announced at CES 2012 alongside their 2012 Smart TVs.

The Samsung Evolution Kit is a small add on which plugs into the back of higherend Samsung Smart TVs, upgrading the TV to the latest 2013 version.

While the Evolution Kit was announced back in the beginning of 2012, we didn’t hear or see anything of it (apart from the Evolution port on the back of the HDTVs) until we physically saw the device in person at CES 2013 in January this year, where they detailed more of its features and specifications.

There has been must curiosity and interest in the Evolution Kit, and Samsung has finally announced the pricing. In the U.S is it set to cost $299 and should be available in May. Interestingly enough, in Europe is it set to cost €299, but has a slightly earlier release of April.

While at CES 2013, we not only recorded the Evolution Kit in use, but rather the simple upgrade procedure, which takes less than 5 mins. This shows the 2012 Samsung ES8000 running the original Smart TV platform, the upgrade, and running the new upgraded 2013 Smart Hub.

The Evolution Kit words with the ES7500, ES800 (ES7000 Europe) LED TVS, along with 7000 and 8000 Plasma series. If unsure, simply check the back of your set for the Evolution Kit port.

The kit itself brings a more powerful quad core processor, GPU, and extra memory, along with the new 2013 Smart Hub / TV platform. The Kit also comes with Samsung’s latest Smart Touch remote control which allows the latest voice and gesture control.

Many of the new 2013 Samsung Smart TVs also feature an Evolution port, so we can only assume that Samsung plans on keeping this going for years to come, which in our view, is a great thing.

I think the $299 price tag is quite reasonable. Sure it could be cheaper, but it does pack a quad core processor, and it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new 2013 Smart TV. We might find that in time the Samsung VG-SEK1000 kit will drop down to about $250, and being able to keep up with the very latest Smart TVs without having to ditch a one year old Smart TV is a very good thing in our book.

Update: It has an official price of $299.99, but you can currently get it for $205 at Amazon!

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