Samsung Evolution Kit Revealed CES 2013

Just as we predicted in our CES 2013 predictions article, Samsung will be bringing their Evolution Kit with them to CES 2013!

While this isn’t really much of a surprise, it is great to have this confirmed ahead of time, with some extra details thrown in.

We have always known that the Samsung Evolution Kit, which plugs into the back of most of the Samsung 2012 Smart TVs would upgrade it’s smart TV functions and performance, Samsung has until now been a bit sketchy on the details.

From reading their article on their official blog, it has been revealed that the “2012 Smart Hub is transformed to 2013 version” via the evolution kit. It’s great to hear that the 2012 Smart TVs will be truly upgraded to the 2013 versions, and not just an upgraded / boosted 2012 version.

Samsung Evolution Kit ES8000

Samsung Evolution Kit ES8000 (Before 2012 Right, After 2013 Left)

Samsung also say “Every year, consumers will now be able to enjoy the latest services with Samsung’s Smart TVs.” This tells us that there will be future upgrades every year, enabling you to upgrade your 2012 Smart TV to the future 2014 Smart TV and beyond.

As well as upgrading the Smart Hub interface, the Samsung Evolution Kit also brings with it more powerful CPU and GPU for extra processing and graphics power.

The new Samsung 2013 Smart Hub has been revealed and detailed. It makes use of five different panels, which deliver a range of content, apps, Video on demand, Live TV and Internet. While we have only seen photos so far, it does look very smart and clean, while the use of the word “panels” makes us wonder if it has been influenced by the Windows 8 interface.

The Samsung Smart Evolution kit sounds very promising, and we can’t wait to try it out. We will at CES 2013 and will bring you all the details. I think the whole idea is great, and it will be interesting to see if any of the other manufactures copy them!

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