Samsung F7000 Vs F8000 Smart TV

We have a lot of people coming to this website searching for a comparison between two TV series, and many people find their way to our 2013 databases (Samsung, Sony, LG) for easy comparison.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been lucky enough to review both the flagship Samsung F8000 series, and the Samsung F7000 series, which is just one down from the top.

Both the F7000 and F8000 are from the Samsung 2013 Smart TV series and  feature Samsung’s latest, and best on the market (in our opinion) 2013 Smart hub.  In both the F8000 and F8000 it’s powered by a quad core processor, rather than a dual core processor in the lower spec models, this means they are both lightning fast.

Both the Samsung F8000 and Samsung F7000 both feature a built in camera which pops out and pushes into the frame.

Samsung F8000 vs F7000

Samsung F8000 vs F7000

Design: Specification wise they are very similar.  In terms of design, they both have a high quality metal bezel and frame.  The inner bezel on the F8000 is black, where as it is metal on the F7000.

The F8000 has an “Arc” stand which is meant to be less noticeable from the front and almost appear as if it was floating.  While the F7000 has a rectangular brush aluminum frame.  Neither models can be rotated.  This one comes down to personal choice.

The F8000 has a “Clean Back Design”, where the back of the Smart TV has been finished to a high quality, rather than left industrial looking like on most TVs.  This looks great, but who looks behind the TV?  The ports at the back are also hidden away by a magnetic cover.

Image quality:  Once again, both very similar.  The F8000 has a Clear Motion Rate of 1200, while the F7000 as a CMR of 800.  Both are more than fast enough to keep the images judder free, pin sharp during fast moving screens.  The F8000 comes with “Micro Dimming Ultimate”, where as the F7000 comes with “Micro Dimming”.  Micro dimming is where the LEDs are dimmed in certain areas of the disaplay in dark areas of the scene to boost contrast and provide deeper black levels.  The Ultimate version should be better, but we found it hard to see any clear differences.

The F8000 has an exclusive feature called “Cinema Black” which can dim the brightness of the LEDs (backlighting) at the top and bottom of the screen during super wide angle movies to get a deeper black.  We tested this out, but to be honest, we couldn’t tell a whole lot of difference, if any.  We give them same rating when it comes to image quality, reference status.  Neither models had any light leakage around the edges of the screen or any clouding, a vast improvement over the 2012 models.

Sound:  The F8000 trumps the F7000 here as the F8000 features two subs for extra bass.  When there isn’t any bass we couldn’t tell any difference, both had very clear audio.  If you’re serious about your audio, you’re going to want to at least add a soundbar or 5.1 system anyhow.

Price:  The F7000 wins here as it obviously has a lower price.

Samsung F8000.

  • Different Design / Arc Stand.
  • Clean Back Design
  • Cinema Black Technology
  • Micro Dimming Ultimate (Vs Micro Dimming Standard)
  • CMR of 1200, rather than 800
  • Built in Subwoofers
  • – Higher Price

Samsung F7000 Video Review

Samsung F8000 Video Review

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  1. Also the 7000 series has 2 audio inputs and 0 audio outputs while the 8000 series has 3 inputs and 1 output.

  2. Lindsay Heeraman Reply 11. Dec, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    At the moment, I have my 42″ Panny connected to an active subwoofer via 1 single white phono socket.For me, it does enough to enhance the tv sound, and I hear the bass. I’ve got my eyes on the 7000 series. Is there a total absence of audio out, thus making it impossible to use my subwoofer as I currently do with the Panny?

    • Ari, you are playing with my head. No way is this lady in her 90's. I am sure that 55 year olds are putting their ages up to get onto your site! I was wondering the other day why so few men are featured. I've decided that with women as stunning as these, the old guys must have died of excteiment! Love your blog, even if I don't totally believe it.