Samsung F8000 Flagship Series

We have covered Samsung’s full 2013 TV range from head to toe, but we feel that the very impressive flagship Samsung F8000 series deserves its very own article allowing us to detail it properly.

The Samsung F8000 series is Samsung’s 2013 flagship LED Smart HDTV. There is of course the Samsung F9500 OLED TV, which costs $10,000 + and the even more expensive S9 series which is a UHDTV / 4K TV with an even higher pricetag. So for this reason we still consider the F8000 series their “normal” 1080p LED HDTV to be the flagship.

Samsung introduced the F8000 at CES 2013 in Vegas, were we saw this beauty in person. Be sure to view our hands on video below. It is their slimmest LED HDTV to date, with the slimmest profile and slimmest bezel to date. It replaces the very popular ES8000 from 2012.

Design wise it looks beautiful. As noted in the video below it has a finished back, where as the others in the series look more industrial from behind. I guess this is only really important to anyone who has their TV positioned in such a way where the back is actually visible, but it’s a nice highend touch anyway.

This year Samsung has changed the built in camera design. They have very cleverly redesigned it so that it is integrated into the TV, and is spring loaded. A press of the camera at the top makes it slowly pop up from inside the set. This has two advantages; it is hidden away when not in use, leaving a perfectly flush finish which doesn’t bulge the bezel like last year’s model, and it’s great for users concerned with privacy issues. When you don’t want to use it, you can simple push / close it away.

Samsung F8000 Hands on Video

The Samsung F8000 will be available in a huge range of sizes from the 46-inch Samsung 46F8000, to the huge 75-inch Samsung 75F8000. It is also available in 55-inch, 60-inch and 65-inch sizes.

As this is their top spec LED LCD Smart TV Samsung has packed it with the best features and specifications. It makes use of a quad core processor to power the new improved 2013 Smart Hub which makes use of a new panel system. Other improvements include new improved Voice Interaction and S-Recommendation, along with a new remote control with built in microphone.

All the F8000’s feature a 1080p LED edge-lit panel with a 240Hz refresh and clear motion 960 (highest available) and “Motion Judder Cancellation Pro” to keep the images sharp and clear during high motion scenes. The new “Micro Dimming Ultimate” which is exclusive to the F8000 series improves the contrast ratio and also removes the annoying “halo” around bright areas.

The 3D viewing on the Samsung F8000 series has also been improved by including a local CTR (crosstalk reduction algorithm) which improves the 3D image brightness by 30%. Finally the web browsing on the F8000 has also been improved by the new “Web Picture Quality Enhancer algorithm” which improves the readability of text on the TV.

  • Samsung 46F8000 | 46-Inch
  • Samsung 55F8000 | 55-Inch
  • Samsung 60F8000 | 60-Inch
  • Samsung 65F8000 | 65-Inch
  • Samsung 75F8000 | 75-Inch

No pricing information has been released just yet, but we will be sure to keep you updated. The F8000 series is expected to be available early Spring.

The 46-inch, and 55-inch F8000’s are now available to order and ship March 17th! With $400 off the 55-inch model!

Samsung F8000

Samsung F8000

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