Samsung F8500 LED Smart TV

Almost exactly a month after Samsung unveiled many new series and models for 2013 at CES in Las Vegas, they have just taken the wraps off a new model at Monaco.

The new flagship Samsung F8500 series was announced at the Samsung European forum in Monaco. Samsung didn’t bring the F8500 with them to CES, and so far the F8500 has only been announced for the European market.

The Samsung F8500 is said the have the exact same specifications and features as the American F8000 but with a different “Magnum” design. While the F8000 is a beautiful Smart TV no doubt, Samsung has taken this beauty even further with the F8500. The Magnum design has been created out of a single piece of aluminum, with a finished back and retractable camera to keep the design flush.

We’re currently hearing mixed reports on model sizes and prices, and have contacted Samsung directly for confirmation. So far we know there is the 46-inch Samsung UE46F8500, and the 55-inch Samsung UE55F8500. Reported to cost €2799 and €3799. They’re expected to arrive in Europe Q2 2013, probably in March, and end of April at the latest.

Samsung F8500

Samsung F8500

Just like the Samsung F8000, the F8500 has a 1080 LCD panel with LED edge lighting, and it features a powerful quad core processor and Samsung’s latest 2013 Smart Hub with S-recommendation and improved voice interaction. The featured HD retractable camera also features improved quality and motion control.

We’re also hearing of 60, 65, and 75-inch models. No word on a U.S release, we’ll keep you updated, but we’re not holding out breath, especially as the Samsung F8500 is essentially just a different design.

Be sure not to confuse the Samsung F8500 LED LCD series with the F8500 plasma.

Robert King, Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronic UK said “Every year our customers’ expectations get higher and higher and we’re proud to be in a position to deliver exactly what they are looking for and more in terms of quality, functionality, features and sophisticated design.”

  • Samsung UE46F8500 | 46-Inch, €2799, March / April
  • Samsung UE55F8500 | 55-Inch, €3799, March / April
  • Samsung UE60F8500 | 60-Inch, ?
  • Samsung UE65F8500 | 65-Inch, ?
  • Samsung UE75F8500 | 75-Inch, ?
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12 Responses to “Samsung F8500 LED Smart TV”

  1. Hey,
    You guys say this has a “Dual care” when it has a “Quad core”
    Just wanted to give you heads up on that.

    • Many thanks for the find Anthony, I must have been tired!


      • Hey Matt,

        I shouldn’t have said anything, cause then I looked at my reply and I called the “Dual Core” a “Dual Care” lol! Yea, I’m not one of those grumpy old miserable people that look for all the negatives in these write ups, so I can understand mistakes and appreciate them 🙂

        Btw, Thanks for keeping up with these models. Any word on if the Evo kit for the 2012 models will improve the picture quality, and how much they may cost? Thanks man

  2. The prices seem a bit excessive.I mean 2800 euros for 46″ and 3800 euros for the 55″ are unrealistic prices .
    Sure it looks fantastic and it’s made out of quality materials and components but in terms of technology …
    This is not an OLED and from what I found online this isn’t even a full array (with local dimming) .

    • Yeah the pricing is high, but this is their flagship LED model. I’m hoping they’re lower once released.

      Definitely not an OLED, you need the F9500 for that. All of their top of the range seem to be LED sidelit (with dimming). I guess the average Joe wants slimness over anything.

  3. Hey Matt,

    Any word on if the Evo kit will improve the picture quality in the 2012 models, and prices they will be? Also, is that “beautiful” F8500 LED just getting released in Europe and not the US?


    • Hello Anthony,

      Unfortunately still no word from Samsung on either. I have my suspicions that it’s a no on both. But I’ll be sure to update when we know for certain.

  4. Thanks Matt! I’m very suspicious of Samsung right now. It seems that maybe the ES8000 may have the same exact hardware as the ES9000 and the ES8000 as well as the D8000. See, they are updating the FW and removing settings from them. Example, the owners in the UK had Black Enhancer back in March last year and Samsung quickly removed it from their very 1st FW update. In the US, we have it. But they removed the “shadow detail” and “edge Enhancement” from the US when they sent out the very 1st FW on those.

    When I saw the ES8000 at CES in 2012, I could have sworn I saw the “Smart led” and “Cinema black” settings in the menu. Of course this was when they were going to release the 75″ as the ES8000 and not a 9000 so did Samsung remove these settings and features from the ES8000 so they can make the ES9000 look like its more worth its $10K price?

    Did they leave this out because they knew they had the Evo kit coming out and had an excuse for these features to pop up back in these sets? This would mean that they are doing some very shady things here to make money. They can easily give the 2012 owners the same Smart hub through a FW update, and I’m wondering if they can also just add these settings back in these sets like they may have taking out to justify the 9000.

    Now the F8000 comes out and the owners in the UK aren’t going to have the “smart LED” feature setting like the Owners in the US that have the F8000 do. Something seems very fishy to me Matt.

    Another thing, when I bought my ES8000 last march, I bought it the day amazon had it on their site and had it overnighted to me. The TV looked horrible! I thought it was defective so I called Samsung and they told me I shouldn’t even have it yet and places shouldn’t be selling it yet. I took pics just to prove how bad it looked. Now after all these FW updates, the clouding and Flashlighting are basically gone…my point is, they have a lot of control over these sets through FW because their whole dimming system and dimming zones are all controlled through software which can be changed from FW updates.

    Something is not right Matt. Can they do shady things like this so they sell more TVs and make more profits? I need to have all this looked into very thoroughly and see if they are taking advantage of consumers and doing shady things to make more profit

  5. Matt, here’s a link that shows my before the very first FW update on my ES8000, and a recent pic after link 20 FW updates. You can clearly see the difference they can make the picture look like with these FW updates. Also, I keep reading about owners of the 2011 D8000 that say all of the sudden they have flashlighting all over the screen. This is after they update the FW as well. It happened to me with my D8000 right after I updated the FW, the picture got really really bad to the point in needed to be replaced. I kept saying to Samsung that it was working fine until I updated the FW on it, and they said no, no, no., and just replaced it. From what I’ve been seeing with my own eyes with these sets and reading these past couple years, it really does sound like they are pushing FW updates that make the picture look bad after the one year warranty is up.. Check out my pics and you will see what I’m talking about here.. This is very strange and I’m afraid to buy anymore of their products and update their future FW now 🙁

  6. I forgot to add this link as well,. So when you see what I see and then read things like this and their class action lawsuit for using faulty capacitors on purpose knowingly so the TVs failed after a year or two, it really makes you wonder. Am I wrong for feeling this way? Thanks Matt 🙂

    • Hi Anthony,

      Firstly sorry for the long delay, I’ve been very busy over the last couple of weeks, as you could probably tell from the reduced frequency of posts.

      You raise a very interesting subject. I don’t doubt that you are correct, when it comes to the power that the firmware has over the TVs. Whether it is to do with profit, I do not know.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of the different series have identical hardware, and this is controlled by firmware, with some of the featured disabled in the lower models. This would probably reduce Samsung’s manufacturing costs.

      I remember my friend has a car, which was fresh from the dealer, basic model, without an alarm. Yet sometimes the alarm would go off, indicating disabled hardware.

      Then again it could also be a mistake somewhere along the line, where an option to enable a feature is available in the TVs options, but maybe the TV doesn’t have the hardware to perform the feature, and was later corrected an removed.

      But overall, I have no doubt over the power of firmware, and its ability to enable of disable certain features. Even when the hardware might in fact even be in place for the feature.

  7. ogunkola olanrewaju Reply 08. Mar, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    I own 4 Samsung tvs from 2011 to date: 46″D6800, 46″D7000, 55″F8500 & 55″uhd F9000.I live in Nigeria & I have never updated any of these.From d experiences of pple who update vis a vis d pranks/dubiousness of Samsung corporation on updated tvs, will u advise I carry out any update considering my country Nigeria where consumer rights is virtually nil? expecting ur response. thanks.