Samsung F9000 4K TV Price Drops!

Competition is really heating up in the 4K ultra HD TV market, and Samsung has drastically cut prices of their 4K TVs by up to $1,500!

The two Samsung F9000 4K Ultra HDTVs, the 65-inch Samsung UN65F9000, and 55-inch UN55F9000 have only been available for a matter of weeks and Samsung is already cutting the prices.

When released, Samsung’s models were already priced higher than Sony’s models, and since then Sony have announced further reductions along with two newer, lower priced models without the advanced speakers.

You can now pick up the 65-inch model for $5,999.99, and the 55-inch model for $4,499, saving $1500, and $1000 respectively from the previous offer pricing, and $2500 off of the original pricing. So if you have been waiting for the prices to drop, we’re pretty sure now is the time to buy, as we can’t picture them dropping any more anytime soon.

Samsung 4K Pricedrop

Samsung 4K Pricedrop

So why the drastic price drops? Are people simply not buying the 4K TVs and the manufacturers are getting desperate to shift them? Or is it due to the competition between Sony, Samsung and now LG, with talks of other manufacturers joining in on the 4K game?

I personally think it is a bit of both, with 4K content still few and far between, people simply aren’t rushing out to get 4K TVs. But I think it is more so the competition between the brands. This of course if a great thing for end consumers like you and I, as the competition is push thing prices lower.

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