Samsung’s Future Smart TV Predictions

Samsung are currently the world leaders in Smart TVs, and I believe that they also have the world’s best, and most advanced Smart TV platform.

I was impressed with their 2012 Smart TV platform / Smart hub, but the new 2013 version totally blows the 2013 version out of the water. Luckily with their Smart Evolution Kit, you can update many of the 2012 Smart TVs to the new 2013 version.

With their highend 2013 Smart TVs powered by a quad core processor they pack plenty of power and offer advanced features such as voice and gesture control, advanced video streaming and even new h.265 codec support.

While at the Samsung UK Smart TV launch, Robert King, vice president of consumer electronics Samsung UK, and Guy Kinnell, head of TV & AV not only spoke about their current Smart TV offerings, but also the future of Smart TVs, and where they see the technology is going.

Samsung Smart Future

Samsung Smart Future

As you can see in the provided graphic, Samsung have outlined a number of interesting current Smart TV usage statistics, along with a number of predictions.

Samsung say that 16% of people watch more TV now that a year ago, and 10% of viewing is now time-shifted through streaming apps such as BBC iPlayer, and ITV Player (exclusive to Samsung Smart TVs).

One statistic I found particularly interesting was the 65% of people in the UK say that they have learnt more on a particular subject (especially cooking and DIY) than they ever did at school. I can relate to this as I learnt how to change my car’s cam shaft alignment sensor via YouTube on my Smart TV!

Samsung also said that 55% have connected to the Internet through their Smart TV.

Of even more interest was Samsung’s future predictions. They predict that intent to purchase was 2.5x higher among Smart TV ad watchers, and that they expect one in four to be shopping from their Smart TV by the end of 2014.

Finally they also predict that 45% be more interactive, 17% to guess what I want to watch, and 25% more personalised. With Samsung’s latest “On TV” feature, users are already provided with recommended TV programs based on their own viewing habits.

Also, if you watch / listen to Robert King’s and Guy Kinnell’s presentation speech (embedded below), they go into even more detail on this, and also touch on the idea of 4K Ultra HD content being delivered over new methods, ie, streamed over the Internet. It’s great hearing this direct from Samsung, and it clearly points to the future of 4K video content delivery.


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