Samsung Smart TV with Google TV

Samsung already have the most advanced “Smart TV” experience available on the market today.

But it looks like Samsung’s offering are only going to get better. With the new “Samsung Smart TV with Google TV”.

Samsung and Google say that with will “enhance the Smart TV experience”, and be available later this year. While technically this is Samsung’s first “Google TV” device, it more or less looks like Samsung has taken their already very pretty Smart Hub, and have updated it by adding in Google app support.

Gone is the old Internet browser, and in its place is Google Chrome browser. A new YouTube app is also present which makes use of the optional external Samsung Smart TV keyboard, and also the Google Play store.

These apps along make it a Google Smart TV. We’re told that the Google Play store will include most, but not all of the Google apps we’re used to seeing available on Android smartphones and tablet computers.

Samsung Smart Google TV

Samsung Smart Google TV

The Samsung Smart TV with Google TV should be available later this year, and Samsung have already been showing this off on a Samsung 6000 series Smart TV. Via Engadget

Samsung have yet to confirm whether this support would only be for new models, or if it would simply be rolled out to all of their 2012 Smart TVs already on the market. It’s also important to remember that Samsung’s Smart Evolution port. Maybe this is am update that would require the current models to be “Evolved” as such.

The Samsung ES8000 series recently won the European Image and Sound Association (EISA) top award naming it “European Future Proof TV“.

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