55-Inch Samsung OLED Google TV at CES 2012

While it has recently been announced that Logitech have cut their ties with Google and the Google TV project after “huge losses”, it looks like Samsung is still steaming forwards with their partnership.

Recently is was revealed that Samsung have been testing a prototype 55-inch OLED HDTV, and they look set to launch it at next years CES in January 2012.

While OLED TV’s look set to come at a hefty price tag, especially one of this size, they are highly prized by AV enthusiasts as they offers incredible performance. They have superior black levels, viewing angles, color reproduction, lower power usage and are incredibly thin.

We have been hearing rumors that Samsung will release an OLED TV / display powered by Google TV at this years CES. Whether this will be the 55-incher we have previously heard about is currently unknown.

Samsung Google TV

Samsung Google TV

The most recent piece of information comes from Boo0Keun, head of Samsung’s TV division who has helped clear this up. He confirmed that they will announce a Google TV product offering at CES, but there will be no working model. “The product will be revealed next year for sure but not at the CES in January, although we would probably be able to comment on the release date in Las Vegas”.

Whether or not Samsung will be successful with the Google TV is anyones guess, it clearly didn’t workout for Logitech. But with more and more users now using and wanting Internet connected TVs, Google night have timed this well.

Of interesting note; LG have stated that they will be showing off a fully functional Google TV at CES.

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  1. The Logitech demise was due to releasing the product before the Android platform was up to the job. A return rate of over 50%. Customers had a hard time getting things to work in late 2010. Had Logitech waited a bit with their abandonment announcement they would today sell Revues like hotcakes now after the Android 3.1 release arrived. But I guess that battered CEO had to declare some action after that loss.


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