Samsung Smart Media Player

Samsung have just launched their Smart Media Player to the U.S market.

The Samsung Smart Media box / player has built in WiFi and has support for over 100 apps, as well as app and streaming support it can also act as a cable box.

Samsung are currently leading the Smart TV market, and in our view have the best Smart TV platform. They have essentially taken this Smart TV platform that they have on their TVs and wrapped it up in to this Smart Media Player known as the Samsung GX-SM530CF.

Technically the Samsung GXSM530CF is a cable box (works with CableCARD slot) with streaming and app support. If you have been eying the new Smart TVs and wish your TV had this support, the $149 Smart TV box is an easy way to get this feature.

Along with app support the GXSM530CF can also support AllShare (DLNA) and screen mirroring, allowing you to send photos and videos from your smart phone or tablet directly to the smart media player and the TV.

Samsung GX-SM530CF

Samsung GX-SM530CF

One of the best features of Samsung’s Smart TV platform is their S-Recommendation service, which lets you know what is coming up next and soon, which it feels you would enjoy, you can also use it to search. See a video here.

You might be asking yourself whether the $150 price tag is worth it, when you could drop just $35 on the Google Chromecast to get Netflix and YouTube streaming services, or of course more from a Roku device which is also cheaper.

Samsung Smart Media Player Interface

Samsung Smart Media Player Interface

We must admit we’re huge fans of Samsung’s 2013 Smart hub platform and prefer it to some of the alternatives. If you’re currently “renting” your cable box from your cable provider and want to add Smart TV functions, this could be a great way to go. Another option would be to purchase one of Samsung’s latest blu-ray players, which come with the Smart hub.

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