Samsung H Series 2014 LED Series Revealed

Just a few days ago we wrote about the CES 2014 Innovations Awards, (where Samsung grabbed 24 awards, and LG 15) and mentioned how if we’re lucky these awards sometimes leak or reveal a number of previously unknown products from their 2014 lineups.

These Innovations Awards are awarded to products that will be on display at CES 2014 in January, and are of course feature products that will be released in 2014.

At the time of the awards, Samsung simply stated that they won numerous awards for their blu-ray players, ultra HDTVs and Smart TVs, but didn’t expand on it. We were somewhat disappointed that nothing leaked through the cracks from these awards. But lucky for us, we subscribe to all of the manufacturer’s news feeds, including their international sources.

Samsung-h-series-logoWe spotted that Samsung Korea have put out a press release highlighting their 24 awards proudly, and have expanded on the U.S version. This time, revealing their 2014 Samsung H7100 series.

They talk about the Samsung UN65H7100, 65-inch LED LCD TV. This will be known as the Samsung UE65H7100 in Europe.

This tell us that the Samsung 2014 models will make us of the “H” series letter, moving from 2013’s F models, interestingly skipping “G”. We can expect to see the various series run from the lower end H4000 series up to the Samsung H8000 and maybe H9000 also.

So what do we know about the Samsung H series so far?

First up, we know that it won the CES “Best of Innovation” award, clearly. We also know that it will be powered by a quad core processor, and make use of a “real 240Hz panel”, with 240 images at a faster rate which shows no ghosting.

The current highend 2013 Samsung Smart TVs already make use of a quad core processor, so that’s not big news. But the “real 240Hz panel” with no ghosting has us interested. We read this as making use of black frames between each other image frame. This black frame acts as a kind of reset for the image and should eliminate the ghosting.


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4 Responses to “Samsung H Series 2014 LED Series Revealed”

  1. Intresting! I was ready to buy a 75F7100 but now will wait for the H.

    • You should instead wait for the next year’s I or J series or whatever. Never buy a TV because a better one will be announced in the next 6 months!

      • Simply not true Dan. The best time to buy is when the new models come out. You will either get the most life out of a new model tv, or save a bundle on clearance of the previous model.

  2. i have an d6500 (2011) but i think it is better than f6340 (2013)