Samsung HW-F750 Soundbar Hands On

Soundbars have to be the quickest growing sector of the home theater market, and who better than Samsung to get into the game?

The Samsung HW-F750 (US) / Samsung HW-F751 (UK, Europe) soundbar is Samsung’s effort in the Soundbar game and we’re very impressed by it.

Every year HDTVs are getting slimmer and slimmer, but due to this, the speakers have gotten smaller, and the audio quality has suffered. A few years ago, you would either find the speakers in the bezel on the left and right of the TV, or below it. Now with pretty much non existent bezels, there is no room. So most manufactures are using smaller speakers which actually face down to get the profile as slim as possible.

Soundbars have come to the rescue, and provide a very easy way to upgrade your Smart TV’s audio. Also known as the Samsung AirTrack speaker, it has been designed to work perfectly with Samsung’s latest Smart TVs, and can even work without wires to the TV using SoundShare technology. (2012 LED Series 6100 and up, and 2013 LED Series 6400 and up). You can also still use your current Smart TV remote.

Working seamlessly like this really makes the Samsung HW-F751 the easiest want to upgrade your audio performance. Of course you can still use a HDMI, optical, and standard audio connections if you wish. There is also USB and Bluetooth support.

It has a high quality metal design, with either a silver or black finish to match your Smart TV.

The 310watt system comes with a wireless subwoofer to provide extra bass. The Samsung HW-F750 / F751 is Samsung’s top of the line model and features both digital and vacuum tube amps to provide a more realistic warm sound.

The Sound bar features Dolby Digital, DTS, and 3D Sound Plus. It also features Auto Sound Calibration (ASC) and Lip Sync (0 – 200 ms). You can wall mount the sound bar, or place it on a stand below the TV. It cleverly features “Intelligent Speaker Position Sensor” which automatically adjusts the audio to enable you to place the soundbar upright, or laying down.

Samsung HW-F751

Samsung HW-F751

We saw (and filmed) the Samsung HW-F751 at the official Samsung UK product launch, and also at Selfridges in London where I got to play with and experience it. It really does make a hell of a difference between the standard Smart TV speakers with the soundbar. In a loud room, when the soundbar was turned off, we really had to crank the TV speakers up high to even hear them. The build quality and audio quality are both excellent.

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