Samsung HW-F850 For 60-Inch+ TVs

Samsung has a new soundbar, the Samsung HW-F850, which has been designed especially for larger sized TVs of 60-inches and bigger.

While Samsung already has a number of soundbars available on the market today, they’re more ideally suited for HDTVs sized between 32 and 55-inches or so.

Soundbars have become very popular recently, as the super slim Smart TVs available today don’t exactly pack a high quality punch in the audio department, and a wireless soundbar is the easiest way to hugely upgrade your TVs audio performance.

The F850 features a built in vacuum tube which glows away and provides a warm and rich sound processing.  A very cool feature of the large sized soundbar is its built in position sensor, which allows you to wall mount it, or place it flat on the TV stand at a different angle., while still providing optimal audio delivery.

Samsung hwf850

samsung hwf850

The Samsung AirTrack HW-F850 is very similar to the HW-F750 which we have a hands on video, only bigger and more powerful, at 350W vs 310W.  It comes with a wireless subwoofer for easy placement and powerful bass.

The entire system is also wireless as it can connect to your Samsung Smart TV via the SoundShare system. You can also stream music wirelessly to the Samsung F850 via bluetooth using your Smartphone or tablet.  You can also pair by using NFC and simply touching it to the soundbar.

The Samsung HWF850 / HW-F851 will officially launch in a few weeks at IFA 2013, and will be available on US and European markets for about $1,200.  Stay tuned for more information!

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