Samsung OLED TVs Stolen, Industrial Espionage?

Everyone who follows the HDTV market will know all to well that OLED TVs are looking like the sure bet for future TV technology, offering superior image quality to the current LCD / LED HDTVs.

While OLED displays are currently found in many smartphones, larger sized screen are still in the prototype stage, and should be coming out way later this year for an asking price of about $10,000 for a 55-Inch model.

Both Samsung and LG have been proudly showing off their own OLED HDTVs at CES and more recently IFA stealing the show. But it has now been revealed that someone has physically stolen two of Samsung’s OLEDs on the way to IFA. Samsung say that the TVs disappeared sometime between August 21 and august 28th.

But it’s looking like this is industrial Espionage from a competitive company who plan to copy the technology, rather than a lucky criminal who wants to sell it on the black market.

If this is the case, the loss of the technology could cost Samsung billions of dollars.

It is also of interest that Samsung is currently filling an injunction against LG for stealing Samsung’s OLED technology. Samsung uses RGB-OLED technology, while LG’s uses white-OLED technology, but it appears this difference isn’t enough.

Samsung OLED ES9500

Samsung OLED ES9500

LG have replied by saying “The W-OLED technology adopted by LG Display is a totally different method from the one used by our rival, which means we have no reason to plan such technology theft when we’re not in need of Samsung’s technology”.

“We also believe the move was staged to divide the attention it has gained from the recent disappearance of its OLED TVs in Germany.” via huffingtonpost.

Interesting times indeed. I hope both concentrate on the consumer in the end, and driving down the current high costs of upcoming OLED HDTVs.

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