Samsung OLED TV Price, and Release Date

Samsung showed off their very first OLED TV way back in January 2012 at CES 2012, along with LG.

Since them only LG have actually managed a release of their OLED HDTV. At this years CES 2013 Samsung were back with their latest OLED TV, the Samsung KN55F9500.

Their latest OLED TV as one would expect, looks absolutely amazing in person, and boasts features such as 3D Multiview and comes with 3D glasses with built in headphones.

While we saw this in person at CES 2013 back in January, very little information regarding pricing or release dates were revealed, and since them we have heard nothing.

But while at the Southeast Asia Forum in Indonesia, Rappler have reported that the 2013 Samsung 55-inch Super OLED TV (KN55F9500) will ships in the Southeast Asian market from August 2013. For….. 750,0000 Philippine Pesos, which is $18,400! Certainly not cheap.

Samsung OLED

Samsung OLED

While this of course isn’t official U.S or European pricing, this does give us a good insight into the potential price and upcoming release.

This clearly isn’t cheap, and is a fair amount more than the LG model which has a U.S release price of $12,000.

Samsung’s OLED TV works by using red, green and blue OLEDs to product the images, while LG’s use white OLEDs with red, blue, green filters.

We’ll keep you up to date as more information available.

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