Samsung KN55S9C Curved OLED TV Costs $9,000

Samsung have just announced their first production OLED TV for the U.S market, the Samsung KN55S9C. And just as with LG, their first for the U.S market is a curved OLED TV.

We saw Samsung showing off a curved OLED TV at CES 2013 back in January, but this final production model looks quite a bit different.  It features a “Timeless Arena” frame around the OLED TV which contains the speakers. This is similar to that of their huge 85-inch S9 4K Ultra HD TV which we covered in London.

Another similarity to the 85-inch Samsung is the use of an external input box.  All of the HDMI and other inputs are located in a separate box, with just one cable running up to the TV.

The biggest and most surprising news is the price of $9,000. While not exactly cheap, it’s about $5,000 cheaper than we were first expecting, and also cheaper than LG’s curved OLED model which is currently going for $15,000. The Samsung KN55S9C is available now from Samsung online and selected stores.

Samsung KN55S9C

Samsung KN55S9C

Making use of Samsung’s RGB OLED technology to deliver a contrast ratio higher than any LED LCD or plasma TV can offer. It has deeper blacks and better contrast ratio than the best plasma TVs and also has a brighter image, and lower power usage.

It also features Samsung’s 2013 Smart hub powered by a quad core processor, and also features active 3D technology with MultiView technology which allows user to view and hear (thanks to built in ear buds) different TV shows on the TV at the same time. (stay tuned for a video demo of this).

We will hopefully get our own hands on of the Samsung KN55S9C very soon.

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