Samsung HDTVs Add LG U+ IPTV Support App In Korea

Talk of IPTV and cutting the cable has been around for many a year, but we have yet to see it fully emerge or show its full potential.

But thanks to modern Smart TVs with great Internet connectivity and built in WiFi as standard, the door seems to be open wider for IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) support.

I really enjoy being able to place the Smart TV anywhere in any room, plug in the power cable, enter the WiFi password, and within minuets I’m able to stream HD content directly on the TV via a wide range of apps. Now with Samsung adding LG U+ IPTV app support for their 2012 Smart TVs we’re getting a step closer to true IPTV.

This is the first time Samsung has offer set-top box free IPTV service in Korea. Samsung has apparently been “working with overseas IPTV service providers” so we hope to see this roll out further in the U.S and Europe in the future.

Samsung LG U+ IPTV Support

Samsung LG U+ IPTV Support

With LG U+, viewers in Korea can now have access to true 138 IPTV channels and VOD without needing a separate set-top box.

In the U.S we have support IPTV support for DirectTV and Verizon FiOS video, but the other major players are still missing.

With Smart TVs which can easily be updated via software over the Internet and new apps, there has never been been easier to add new features and support.

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