Samsung 3D MultiView Demo

Samsung’s 3D MultiView technology has recently come back into the news thanks to Samsung’s first 55-inch curved OLED TV hitting the U.S market.

We have seen various forms of MultiView technology before, such as Sony’s SimulView, and LG’s Dual Play (click links for our videos). These technologies have mostly been used for gaming, allowing two players to view their screens in full screen rather than split screen. These work very well and have always impressed us. You can read our full article of the different technologies here.

Most of the demos when have seen make use of polarized glasses, such as those used in the cinema.

However Samsung have taken this technology to the next level. Rather than using polarized glasses they have used their battery powered active shutter 3D glasses, similar to those found in their highend Smart TVs combined with their OLED technology.

While we were at CES 2013 we filed this 3D MultiView technology being used on their OLED TV. This technology can now be used in their latest curved OLED TV, which you can get your hands on for $9,000.

Samsung have jokingly been calling their new technology a marriage saver, as it allows two people to watch two different inputs in 3D, each with their own audio, thanks to built in earbuds. While at CES the Samsung employee told us that two people can watch in 3D, or up to four people could watch four different inputs in 2D, but I have yet to read about this support in any documentation. But if should certainly be possible thanks to the super fast OLED technology.

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