Samsung Plasma Models Added, Prices Updated

Samsung’s new 2012 HDTV range has been creating a huge amount of attention since their announcement at CES at the start of the year, and this attention has only been growing as we near their release.

Over the past week we have seen a number of price leaks for their range. Rather than seeing MSRP (manufacture recommend prices) we have been seeing MAP (Minimum advertised prices), this has been creating some confusion and a lot of debate over the prices, and some concern over their high prices.

We have now received an updated price list, and are glad to see a number of price drops through out the line, with some ranges now $300 less than previously reported.

We have also received prices for three more Samsung plasma HDTV ranges for 2012 which we previously unannounced. The Samsung E530, E490, and E450, have been added to the E8000, E7000, and E6500 series.

For the updated prices please view our updated Samsung 2012 HDTV prices article, and the Samsung Plasma article.

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