Samsung S9 85-Inch 4K Hands On At Selfridges Video

We’re pleased to bring you an exclusive hands on demonstration of the beautiful and unique Samsung S9 85-Inch Ultra HD TV.

We first got an eyes on look at the very impressive Samsung S9 series at CES 2013 when it was unveiled and proudly shown off. Now a few months later the huge 85-inch 4K beauty is now available to purchase and is on display at a very few select location around the world.

One such location is the prestigious Selfridges store in London where they’re displaying and selling the stunning S9 for an eye watering £35,000.

Selfridges and Samsung were kind enough to give us a full hands on demonstration of the Samsung UN85S9AF / UN85S9000 where we get a real hands on experience which we’re proud we can share with you. We even dig through the settings and options of the Samsung S9 and reveal previously unknown features such as the One connect connection hub / box, pop out camera, height adjustment feature and much more.

Samsung are calling the fully backlit S9 the world’s first “Future Ready UHD TV”. This is because it supports the Samsung Evolution Kit, which allows it to be upgraded keeping it cutting edge. A very good feature to have when you’re talking about dropping £35,000 on a TV, you’re going to want it to maintain its position as the market leader for years to come.

It comes with Samsung’s latest 2013 Smart Hub, powered by a quad core processor, which is easily the most impressive Smart TV interface available on any TV to date.

While the large sized 4K / Ultra HD TV range isn’t exactly a vast one right now, with Sony’s 84-inch 4K TV (view our hands on here), and LG’s 84-Inch 4K model coming to mind, the Samsung S9 with its “Timeless Gallery Design”, canvas on an easel design styling, it most certainly does standout from the rest.

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