Samsung S9 98-Inch 4K TV

Wow Samsung really have been on a roll over at IFA 2013 in Berlin, along with announcing the world’s first 4K OLED TV, and curved 4K TV, they have also added and 98-inch UHDTV to their S9 range of 4K TVs.

Back at CES 2013 in January, Samsung wowed the world with their range of huge S9 4K ultra HD TVs which included an 85-inch, 95-inch, and huge 110-inch models.

Since then, Samsung have released their 85-inch 4K TV making it the largest on the market by one inch bigger than the Sony & LG models.

We even got to bring our viewers an exclusive hands on of the 85-inch Samsung S9 Ultra HD TV at Selfridges in London.

Samsung 98-inch S9 4K UHDTV

Samsung 98-inch S9 4K UHDTV

Samsung S9 UHD TV Lineup

Samsung S9 UHD TV Lineup

But now it looks like Samsung is pushing the S9 even further. They have just announced a new S9 model at 98-inches, or 2.5 meters. Yes, 2.5meters. It really is that huge.

While this obviously isn’t as big as the 110-inch model they also have in their lineup, it looks like Samsung has plans to produce and sell the huge 98-inch version!

Just as with the 85-inch S9 Ultra HD TV, it features a frame (Timeless Gallery) design which contains the speakers, allowing the display to be angled.

No pricing or dates just yet, but we’re pretty sure we will see this 98-inch beauty in “select store” in less than a years time.

Samsung have also produced a commercial 98-inch 4K panel which can be used on its side to create a very large display. Thee on their sides would create an image 171-inches big.

Video of the Samsung S9 Series from CES 2013.

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