Samsung 2013 HDTV Lineup

Samsung have announced their new 2013 HDTV lineup complete with the largest UHD TV, their long awaited for 55-inch OLED full HD TV, as well as a new 3D edge-lit Smart TV. Their new line is nothing short of impressive, and you’ll be able to read about all the specs here.

Samsung have announced a number of new HDTVs for 2013, which is lead by the Samsung UN85S9, the “world’s largest” largest 85-Inch 4K / Ultra HD TV.  Which makes it a whole one inch bigger than LG and Sony’s offerings.  They also had a beautiful 110-Inch 4K model at CES, but this beast is currently only a prototype.

They also officially launched their highly anticipated 55-Inch OLED TV to the U.S market at $12,000 a few weeks after it’s launch in Korea. Samsung have also refreshed their 3D edge lit TVs, and new plasma HDTVs with a “reference quality picture”, with the brightest images and darkest blacks from any Samsung plasma TV before.

Unfortunately Samsung have yet to put out a detailed press release with model numbers and prices etc, but we will bring you what they have released so far.

We were at the Samsung press conference and their booth at CES 2012 during the launch, and will bring you all of our hands on coverage.

Update: We have published the 2013 Samsung TV comparison chart to the site. This database makes it easy to see all of the new 2013 series models with their features, specifications and sizes for easy comparison.

Update 2: A number of the 2013 Samsung TVs, including the flagship F8000 series are now available and shipping!

Samsung F8000

Samsung F8000

Samsung F8000

The new Samsung F8000 series is the new flagship top of the range series for 2013.  Is available in sizes from 40″ to 75-Inches. Not only does its tiny bezel look absurdly amazing, but what’s even more impressive is it is the world’s first Smart TV powered by a quad-core processor.  It takes the place of the ES8000 series for 2012.  I am currently reviewing the ES8000 series and have spent some good time with it, but seeing the F8000 in person makes the ES8000 look rather out dated.

This edge-lid LED features a 240Hz refresh panel complete with local dimming, a HD camera, 3D capability, Smart Hub, S-Recommendation, Voice Interaction, AllShare DLNA and adds a beautiful new arc stand.  There is also new Micro Dimming Ultimate which improves contrast ratio and removes “halos” around bright areas.

Other improvements includes Local CTR (crosstalk reduction algorithm) which improves 3D brightness by 30%, and a new “Motion Judder Cancellation Pro” technology to improve motion handling and judder.  The web browsing experience has also been improved with the addition of Web Picture Quality Enhancer algorithm, which enhances the readability of text and picture quality on the TV.

The F8000 is set to release early Spring.

Samsung F7500 Series

The Samsung F7500 wasn’t originally listed on the CES 2013 press documents, but they did have it on display at CES, where we caught it on video.

It has similar features to the F7100 series detailed below, but has Micro Dimming Pro, rather than the standard Micro Dimming.  A Clear Motion Rate of 960, rather than 720.  A quad core, rather than dual core.  Slightly slimmer bezel at 0.2-inches, and Smart Interaction 2.0 with a Smart Evolution port.

  • Samsung UN46F7500 | 46 Inch
  • Samsung UN55F7500 | 55 Inch
  • Samsung UN60F7500 | 60 Inch

Samsung F7100 Series

The new 2013 Samsung F7100 is the replacement of the 2012 ES7000 models.  It is also edge-lit and very similar to the F8000 series.  It features the new 2013 Smart Hub, S-Recommendation, Voice Interaction, A15 processor, Motion Judder Cancellation Pro and the Web Picture Quality Enhancer.  It doesn’t feature the HD as featured in the flagship F8000, and also uses “Precision Black” technology rather than Micro Dimming Ultimate.

Samsung F7000

Samsung F7000

The Samsung F7100 series will be available in 46, 55 and 60, 65, and 75- inch sizes, and will ship in the first half of 2013.

  • Samsung UN46F7100 | 46 Inch
  • Samsung UN55F7100 | 55 Inch
  • Samsung UN60F7100 | 60 Inch
  • Samsung UN65F7100 | 65 Inch
  • Samsung UN75F7100 | 75 Inch

Samsung F6800

Samsung also has the Series 6, 5 and 4. We have filmed these and will get the video up soon. Right now the only model we can confirm is the Samsung F6800 series and pictured below.

Samsung F6800

Samsung F6800

Samsung KN55F9500

This is Samsung’s OLED TV featuring Smart Hub, S-Recommendation, 3D, and Voice Interaction. For the 2013 model they’ve introduced Multi-View which gives two people the ability to view two different programs simultaneously with the use of special 3D glasses with built-in headset, thanks to the OLED’s fast refresh speed. Or, if you really want to push the envelope, four people at able to watch any 2D programs at the same time.

Price and availability still to be announced.

Samsung UN85S9

Samsung UN85S9

Samsung UN85S9

This 85-Inch UHDTV is an edge-lit LED LCD with local dimming and Samsung’s first run at the Ultra HD (4K) race. The UN85S9 includes Samsung’s Smart Hub technology that features a 5-panel interface. Also new for this TV is the ability to link to compatible Samsung home appliances via a built-in app. And all of this in a neat frame which gives the illusion of a floating UHDTV. Brilliant!

Pricing and availability still to be announced.

Samsung PN64F8500 Plasma

Samsung PN64F8500 Plasma

Samsung PN64F8500 Plasma

Claimed by Samsung as, “the best plasma picture quality in is history”, the PN64F8500 64-inch Smart TV fills in the promised gaps that last year’s model fell short of. With a variety of improved modifications, this model now boosts the brightness of whites by 250% – that’s even better than bleach! And it’s new front filter – Real Black Pro – is a nanocarbon compound that prevents ambient light from dulling the image. They’ve also introduced a number of features including Samsung’s Smart Hub, Motion Judder Cancellation Pro, S-recommendation and Voice Interaction, all powered by a A15 processor.

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  1. Would the un60f7500 provide the best 60″ picture from samsungs 2013 line ? My needs are best 60″ picture and hdtv . Not interested in 3d or smart . but will reconsider if picture image depends upon it . Aproximate retail and availability.

    • If you take a look at our new comparison database ( you can easily compare the features of each series.

      The F8000, offers “Ultimate,
      Precision Black” rather than “Pro” microdimming so the contrast will be slightly better.

      It really depends on your needs.

      No word on pricing or availability, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

  2. I need one Best model like F8000 or good then this if you send price and details I will buy it in Arab
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  3. Hi would the UA55F7100AMXXY be suitable for gaming? E.g. Playstation 3 or Playstation 4.

  4. Can you reply mate?

    • Sorry for the delay Jaz, the F6400 should be good for gaming also, it has a 480 motion rate to keep the images clear, and a gaming mode to speed things up.

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