UK Samsung Smart TV Launch Event [Video]

Samsung recently had their UK Smart TV launch event at the luxury May Fair hotel in London, where they invited press along to experience their latest 2013 Samsung Smart TVs, and hear about Samsung’s future predictions for Smart TVs from Robert King, vice president of consumer electronics Samsung UK, and Guy Kinnell, head of TV & AV.

We have captured the whole event on video for you to be able to experience.

Samsung provided us with a number of hands on demos, including a demonstration of the new 2013 Smart Hub and its very impressive “On TV” feature. This new home screen shows you what is currently on (and how much is left of those programs), and what is coming up next. But it’s not just showing you the main channels, it is showing you personalised results based on your own viewing habits. With many hundreds of programs on TV, the vast majority of us will only check the first couple of pages of channels, and potentially miss out on viewing a number more interesting program. Along with the S-recommendation technology, they also show of their new voice recognition technology.

Although most of Samsung’s new Smart TVs were on display, we were mostly interested in the new flagship Samsung F8500 LED Smart TV, and their Samsung F8500 Plasma TV.

Don’t be confused by the identical model numbers, and shared designs! They’re two very different HDTVs. The F8500 LED feature wise is pretty much identical to the F8000 flagship model that we covered at CES2013 back in January, but with a completely different “Magnum Design”. We must admit we’re very drawn to the design, and it certainly looks highend!

Along with being given a hands on demo of the F8500 LED, we were also given a demo of the Samsung F8500 plasma. This is Samsung’s latest and greatest highend plasma Smart TV. Along with the new Magnum design, the F8500 plasma makes use of a new “Super Contrast panel” which is said to be as bright and vivid as an LED TV, while keeping the deep blacks and contrast typically found in plasma TVs.

We also have the full 20 min long presentation speeches from Robert King, vice president of consumer electronics Samsung UK, and Guy Kinnell, head of TV & AV. They talk about the new 2013 Smart TVs, and also about where they see where the Smart TVs of the future will go.

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