Samsung Smart Interaction Demo [Video]

“Smart TVs” have been very popular product at this years CES. With pretty much all the major HDTV manufacturers adding some kind of Smart technology to their highend TV range.

Samsung probably has the most noticeable Smart TV feature with their dual core powered Smart TV range. A major feature in their smart HDTVs is the “Smart Interaction” feature. Basically this uses both a web cam and microphones for both gesture and voice control of the HDTV.

Sounds great right? But until now we have had to take Samsung’s word on just how “Smart” this technology is. As this is a very visual feature we really need to see it to see just how well it works. Lucky for us Engadget managed to film a Samsung employee using the Smart Interaction feature to control their ES8000 LED HDTV.

This smart TV / smart interaction technology is available on their 7500 and 8000 series HDTVs (ES800 LED / E8000 Plasma).

As you can see from the video, everything starts with the voice command “Hi TV”. This then brings up a list of voice commands which you can use to control the HDTV. Volume up / down, channel up, channel 21 etc.

You can use your own face to unlock the TV, as a parental control. The gesture control is similar to what we have seen from the XBox connect, with a hand appearing on the screen. You simple need to close and open your hand to “click” and select. The Internet browser seemed very good, with an “extension” expanding out from the hand to the nearest link to make things easier.

There is also a special Samsung Bluetooth IR blaster than can be used to control your other devices such as a cable box. This is extremely useful as most people have some kind of external box, and it wouldn’t be very good changing channel on the TV rather than on the cable box.

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