Samsung TV Discovery On Smart TVs

Having announced their whole 2013 TV lineup at CES 2013 last month packed with the latest features, Samsung have just announced another feature for their latest Smart TVs and Samsung mobile devices.

Samsung have just announced “TV Discovery”, no this isn’t a service to help you discover your latest Smart TV to purchase! But rather a service that provides and easy and simple way to find live TV and video content on your Smart TV or from your Samsung mobile device.

The search happens across multiple content providers, and it gets even better with personalized recommendations. This sounds a lot like “S-Recommendation” which Samsung was talking about at CES.

With the vast number of live TV channels available now days, along with the ever increasing number of Internet streaming services it can be difficult to find your way through all of the selections, let alone find something that you want to watch.

Samsung’s TV Discovery service works by integrating real time program information from multiple content sources, including traditional live TV, video on demand, and online content provides such as YouTube. The service also “learns” what programs it thinks might interest you based on the users viewing history and preferences.

Samsung TV Discovery

Samsung TV Discovery

Along with searching directly on the TV you can also use a supported mobile device to seamlessly transfer or mirror (push) content between the two devices. You can also use the tablet as a universal remote control.

Samsung TV Discovery has five base features; one stop search, personalized recommendations, cross-device experience, universal remote control and social sharing.

Initially in the US TV Discovery will aggregate content from Netflix and Blockbuster. In Europe, Acetrax, Wuaki, MovieMax, FilmIn, Chili, Pathé and SF Anytime.

The service will launch in the second half of 2013. Sony has something similar with their “TV Side View” which lets you search from a number of sources including YouTube on your tablet computer, you can then “Push” this to the TV. A demo of this can be seen in our Sony Showcase video.

Hopefully with Samsung TV Discovery, it will put an end to saying “A thousand TV channels, and nothing’s on!”.

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