Two Handed Gesture Control On Samsung Smart TVs [Video]

While attending the Gadget Show Live in England as press, I of course filmed everything of relevant interest, which I have been adding to our YouTube channel, (be sure to subscribe if you have yet to!) while most of what I saw I have already captured and covered at CES 2013 and other events, I did see something which I have yet to see before.

Samsung made voice and gesture control a common place with their 2012 Smart TVs, but they have now taken it to another level with their 2013 Smart TV models.

Gesture control as we know it, involves holding up your hands in front of you, and moving it around to move a hand / cursor around the TV. Closing your hand acts as selecting, or clicking the mouse. This works from the integrated (now popup) camera detecting your hand and its movement.

But here is the interesting part, Samsung was showing off their latest 2013 Smart TVs, and I managed to capture them demonstrating two handed gesture control. This is effectively the same as multi touch control that you would do on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to zoom, and rotate etc through your photos and more.

I don’t know exactly what Samsung is calling this technology; multitouch gesture, two handed gesture control? While I’m not sure of the name, as you can see from the video, it seemed to work very well.

While doing some research on it, I can’t find a whole lot, but it does seem like Samsung is working with a company called pointgrab.

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