Samsung UHD ZOO Exhibition, Seoul

We all know that UHD / Ultra HD TVs are super cool, and nothing short of amazing to watch. Especially for some reason, nature documentaries and the like. No doubt due to the extremely high detail that is visible, and how much more life like everything appears.

We have seen a lot of very cool Ultra HD demos over the past year or two, but over in Seoul, Korea, Samsung has possibly just completed the coolest UHD demos to date.

They have brought the African Safari to the city of Seoul with the help of 47 Samsung UHD TVs. While we’re not sure of the exact details, we did spot of number of their 85-inch S9 Ultra HDTVs (view our exclusive hands on), along with their new 55-inch and 65-inch F9000 series in their photos.

Ultra HD Zoo

Ultra HD Zoo

Samsung are comparing the exhibition to a zoo, and say that you can get much closer to the animals that at a real zoo, and also see them in the natural environment. Samsung spent 20 days in Africa with 200 production staff to film for the exhibition which ran from August 8th thru 17th, at the Beyond Museum in Cheongdam (Seoul), South Korea.

It sounds like a great way for Samsung to show off their 4K Ultra HDTVs, and a great way for the public to see “nature” up close. We hope that Samsung bring this exhibition around the world, as we would love to see it in person! Via Samsung Tomorrow

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