Samsung UN85S9AF (S9 Series) 85-Inch Ultra HDTV

Samsung proudly showed off their huge easel style 4K Ultra HD TVs at CES 2013. We got up close and personal with Samsung’s S9 series both on the press conference stage, and in their booth at CES, but it now looks like we’re going to get another look at the 85-inch Samsung UN85S9AF which has just gone on display in Selfridges in London.

At CES 2013 Samsung showed off their new S9 series of 4K ultra HDTVs three sizes including a 110-inch inch model, and also the 85-inch model (UN85S9AF) which has now gone on sale for a whooping $39,999.99, or £35,000 over in the UK.

Most of you will already be doing the maths. The Samsung 85-inch 4K TV costs, $40,000, while the 84-inch Sony 4K TV costs $25,000, and the 84-inch LG 4K TV costs even less at $20,000. That’s a lot of extra cash for one more inch. There are currently no plans to release the larger 110-inch version.

Samsung UN85S9AF

Samsung UN85S9AF

There is no denying that the Samsung UN85S9AF UHD TV is a beautiful TV and a lot of emphasis has been put on the “Timeless Gallery Design” which is said to look like a “canvas on an easel”.

Every manufacturer loves to claim a title, and Samsung are using, the world’s first “Future Ready UHD TV”. This essentially means that it features Samsung’s Smart Evolution port, which allows you to upgrade it year after year. A very good thing in my books if you’re about to drop $40k / £35k on a TV!

Head of TV and AV at Samsung Electronics UK, Guy Kinnell said: “The S9 is pure inspiration and ambition. Our designers and engineers have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in terms of picture, design, and technology to deliver a statement for the home few can match. Customers of Selfridges will have a unique opportunity to experience this amazing product first. This is only fitting given Selfridges’ role in demonstrating TV publicly first to UK consumers in April 1925.”

While in the U.S you can order the 85-inch Samsung S9 UHD TV, in the UK it is available exclusively at Selfridges (London & Birmingham). We’re already scheduling a visit to their London branch to provide you guys with another hands on video, just as we did with the LG 55-inch OLED at Harrods.

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