2013 Sharp AQUOS TV Lineup

Sharp is back for 2013 with their latest AQUOS line of HDTVs, and they have gone big! Don’t expect any bedroom sized TVs from sharp, but you can expect to find nearly 20 TVs ranging from 60-inch all the way up to 80-inches!

John Herrington of Sharp couldn’t have said it any better; “It’s simple – consumers want big screens with excellent picture quality, something that Sharp is uniquely able to deliver”.

Sharp were even showing off “The World’s Largest LED TV” at a massive 90-inches, the Sharp LC90LE745 / LC90LE745U.

Sharp have increased the number of models which feature their Quattron technology, which features an extra yellow pixel to deliver more than a billion color, resulting in improved colors and details.

Sharp have introduced nearly twenty models over three series, the Sharp AQUOS Quattron 8-Series, Sharp AQUOS 7-Series, and Sharp AQUOS 6-Series.

All three series are Smart TVs powered by a dual core processor and have built in WiFi, web browser, and SmartCentral access to apps. Netflix users can also used their tablet or smartphone to search for content and then “push” it to watch it on their Sharp Aquos TV as a “Second Screen”.

While at the Sharp booth at CES 2013, I filmed pretty much everything for my readers, enjoy the video below!

We will start at the top and work out way down. We’re please to say that Sharp have released model numbers, pricing and release dates!

Sharp AQUOS Quattron 8-Series

The Sharp Aquos 8 series will be available as the 60-inch Sharp LC-60LE857, 70-inch LC-70LE857, and huge 80-inch LC-80LE857.

The Sharp series 8 HDTVs have a 1080p LCD LED display, and are the first with “Super Bright” technology which uses a 50 percent higher brightness panel to create Sharp’s brightest picture with more contrast, all while maintaining black levels.

They also feature quattron color intensification, a dual core processor for Smart TV functions, and Aquomotion960 with a 240Hz panel to keep the images crisp and sharp during fast moving scenes. It is also a 3D TV and comes with two pairs of bluetooth 3D glasses.

Sharp LC-60LE857U

Sharp LC-60LE857U

Even though the TVs are big, Sharp has managed to keep the frames down, and make them look great. The ultra slim aluminum frame has diamond-cut edges. They didn’t skimp on the audio with with 35W audio and built in subwoofer.

  • Sharp LC-60LE857 | 60-Inch (March) MSRP: $2999.99
  • Sharp LC-70LE857 | 60-Inch (April) MSRP: $3999.99
  • Sharp LC-80LE857 | 60-Inch (April) MSRP: $6499.99

Sharp AQUOS 7-Series

Next in line is the Sharp Aquos 7 series, this series also ranges from 60-inch to 80-inches.   Features are very similar to that of the 8-sewries, but it doesn’t feature the super bright technology.  They makes use of an 1080p LED LCD panel with Quattron color intensification and Aquomotion480 with 240Hz panel on the (C7500/LE757), and 240Hz panel on the LE755.  Smart TV functions and built in WiFi are also included.

Sharp LC-60LE757U

Sharp LC-60LE757U

Active 3D with bluetooth glasses (x2) on the LE755 and LE757.  The same 35W audio system with subwoofer is also featured.  All models have an ultra slim black aluminum frame.

  • Sharp LC-60LE757 | 60-Inch (April) MSRP: $2299.99
  • Sharp LC-70LE757 | 70-Inch (April) MSRP: $3499.99
  • Sharp LC-80LE757 | 80-Inch (May) MSRP: $5999.99
  • Sharp LC-60LE755 | 60-Inch (February) MSRP: $2199.99
  • Sharp LC-70LE755 | 70-Inch (March) MSRP: $3399.99
  • Sharp LC60C7500 | 60-Inch (March) MSRP: $2099.99
  • Sharp LC70C7500 | 70-Inch (March) MSRP: $3299.99
  • Sharp LC90LE745 | 90-inch

Sharp AQUOS 6-Series

The Sharp 6 series consists of both 3D and non 3D models. All have a 1080p LED LCD panels. No Super bright or quattron color technology of these models. They still feature Smart TV functions and WiFi powered by a dual core processor. AQUOMotion 240 with 120Hz panel is found on the LE657, and Active 3D on the LE657. They all have an “ultra slim frame”.

Sharp LC-60LE640U

Sharp LC-60LE640U

Sharp LE657 – active 3D

  • 60 inch – LC-60LE657 (March) MSRP: $1799.99
  • 70 inch – LC-70LE657 (March) MSRP: $2799.99

Sharp LE650 – non-3D

  • 60 inch – LC-60LE650 (February) MSRP: $1499.99
  • 70 inch – LC-70LE650 (February) MSRP: $2499.99
  • 80 inch – LC-80LE650 (May) MSRP: $4999.99
  • 60 inch – LC-60C6500 (Q1) MSRP: $1499.99
  • 70 inch – LC-70C6500 (Q1) MSRP: $2499.99
  • 80 inch – LC-80C6500 (Q1) MSRP: $4999.99

Sharp HT-SB60

Is the audio still not good enough for you? Then one of the easiest way is to add an soundbar. The Sharp HT-SB60 soundbar has been especially designed for use with large TVs of 60-inches and larger, and Sharp claim it’s the only one specifically designed for use with such large TVs. It makes sense to have a soundbar for larger TVs as it can offer greater stereo separation between the two speakers.

Sharp HT-SB60

Sharp HT-SB60

The Sharp HTSB60 is a 2.1 two channel speaker bar with a wireless subwoofer which combined at up to a powerful 310 watts, that’s 10x more powerful than the included sound systems we have just featured on the HDTVs above.

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