Sharp LC-70UD1U Ultra TV Launched

Sharp have announced two exciting new 4K Ultra HD TV models over in Japan. The 70-inch Sharp LC-70UD1 and 60-inch Sharp LC-60UD1 both feature a 4K panel with a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution.

What makes these two new 4K UHD TVs even more interesting to us is that they make use of Sharp’s Moth eye panels, which vastly improves the viewing experience by reducing (almost entirely eliminating) any reflections from the screen, while maintaining the bright colours and contrast much better than a matte panel.

We filmed this Moth eye technology as CES 2013 where Sharp have a HDTV setup with the screen split into three parts, and you could clearly see the difference. It was very impressive, so be sure to watch the video below.

In the same video we believe we have also managed to film the newly announced Sharp LC-70UD1!

Update: We have just received official word from Sharp about the 70-inch model making its way over to the U.S! Known as the Sharp LC-70UD1U, the Sharp AQUOS Ultra LED HDTV will be available mid august for $7,999.99. This sounds quite reasonable, coming it at just above Sony’s 4K models of a smaller size.

Sharp are also very proud that the Sharp LC70UD1U is the world’s first Ultra HD TV to receive THX 4K certification.

When we filmed the 70-inch 4K TV with Moth Eye panel it was listed as a “prototype”, but comparing our video the the provided photos of the Sharp Aquos LC-70UD1, we’re 99% sure it’s the very same 4K TV which has evolved from being a prototype TV to full blown release! So be sure to watch that video!

Both the Sharp Aquos LC-70UD1, and LC-60UD1 both also feature a 2.1 THX sound system which has a low vibration woofer to provide more punch in the bass. They also feature Sharp’s AQUOS 4K-Master Engine PRO, this is used to get the very best out of all content and upscales it to 4K.

Sharp LC-70UD1

Sharp LC-70UD1

The 70-inch Sharp LC-70UD1, and 60-inch Sharp LC-60UD1 will go on sale June 15th, and August 10th in Japan for 850,000 Yen ($8,500) and 750,000 Yen ($7,500). Pricing seems about right, maybe a little high. Right now you can get Sony’s 55-inch for $4,999 and their 65-inch for $6,999. This is the only 70-inch model we know of, and is well priced considering the 84-inch models come in at $20,000+.

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