Sharp 8K4K TV Demoed

Just a few week ago we wrote a post about the future of HDTV being UHDTV or Ultra HDTV, and how its standards had finally been officially set.

Sharp didn’t waste any time at all, and have given visitors to the IFA trade show a view of the future TV standard.

The huge 85-inch Sharp 8K4K Super Hi-Vision TV / UHDTV has a massive 8K4K resolution (7,680 x 4,320 pixels). That equates to roughly 33 million pixels, which is 16 times higher than that of todays best 1080p screens.

Sharp 8K4K UHTV

Sharp 8K4K UHTV

Don’t hold off buying your next HDTV just yet though, as experimental 8K4K broadcasts won’t even begin ’till 2020 or so. So a UHDTV with this resolution is still a generation or two away, and we will have 4K2K TVs coming our way before. Once such example of a 4K2K TV is the Toshiba 55ZL2.

So just how impressive is this UHTV? Apparently, very, very impressive. This Sharp 8K4K TV has astonishing clarity, and is mesmerizing to look at. You can see gradations in texture and details that keeps revealing itself as you look over the image.

Via Cnet UK

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