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Sony 2014 LED LCD HDTV Lineup

At CES 2014 Sony announced their latest Bravia LED HD TVs for 2014. There are thee new series, the Sony W950B, W850B, W800B and W600B series. These are their “normal” LED LCD TVs with a Full HD resolution of 1080p. Sony also has three new 4K Ultra HD TV series for 2014.

The new Full HD line are powered by Sony’s X-Reality PRO picture engine to get the best image quality The Sony W950B and W850B series models feature sony’s new Wedge design shape, as found in their new 4K TVs. This new “iconic” wedge form factor increases the capacity in the lower part of the TV and makes room for lager, more powerful and high quality speakers, higher than normally found on most HD TVs.

All of the new 2014 models feature Sony’s ClearAudio+ digital signal processing for even higher quality audio.

Their flagship Sony W950B series makes use of Sony’s TRILUMINOS Display technology for more vibrant lifelike colors.

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Sony X950B

Sony’s 2014 4K TV Lineup | X950B, X900B, X850B

Sony was one of the very first brands to get a 4K TV to the market, and have been a strong diving force for 4K for a long time now. They were the first to deliver a true 4K video service with their 4K Video Unlimited service which was launched last September.

They have now pushed their 4K efforts even further by introducing nine new models in three new series. Their 4K TVs will now range from 49-inches, all the way up to 85-inches.

Having three series makes it easy to separate their models into their flagship highend series (Sony XBR X950B), their middle series (XBR X900B), and a new entry level 4K series (XBR X850B).

Every model has HDMI 2.0 support for 4K/60p content, along with HEVC h.265 codec support for the latest 4K streams, such as Netflix’s new 4K service which is launching soon.

Along with the 4K / Ultra HD resolution the new Sony 4K TVs support Sony’s 4K X Reality PRO picture engine for better upscaling, and TRILUMINOS display for an extra wide color gamut.

The new series also have a new “wedge” design. This gives more capacity to the lower section of the TV to incorporate larger speakers for improved audio quality and power.

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Sony X8 4K TV

Sony X8 4K TVs now Available

Sony launched its first 55-inch and 65-inch 4K TVs at CES 2013 back in January, later in the year at IFA 2013 they announced their Sony X8 series of 4K TVs in the same sizes at a lower price point.

These 55-inch Sony XBR55X850A and 65-inch Sony XBR65X850A 4K Ultra HDTVs are now available online in the the U.S starting at just $3,498.00.

The 4K TV market has to be one of the most competitive markets around right now and since their first 4K TVs have been available on the market their prices have tumbled down.

With consumers obviously wanting lower prices and more of a bargain Sony have delivered the X8 series.

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FIFA 2014 4K

FIFA 2014 Brazilian World Cup In 4K Ultra HD

At IBC 2013 Sony has announced that it will lead the technical side with FIFA to produce and broadcast FIFA 2014 in amazing 4K.

So far only one match has been confirmed to be captured, produced and broadcast in 4K / Ultra HD, and as you would probably have guessed, that’s the 2014 FIFA world cup final match. While this is the only match confirmed, as the setup and everything else will already be in place, we could see a number of the bigger games also in 4K.

Previously both Wimbledon and the London Olympics were broadcast in 3D, it is only natural to see other high profile events used to push the new 4K technology.

Niclas Ericson, FIFA TV director, said: “The World Cup Final in 4K is the next natural evolution. We needed to be sure we had the technology that could deliver the trial this summer. We believe 4K will create a richer and more exciting viewing experience for viewers.”

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Sony 4K Video Unlimited

Sony Video Unlimited 4K Service Now Live

We have felt that Sony have been leading the way with 4K, with the other manufactures trying to keep up for some time now. Now along with announcing two new 55-ijnch and 65-inch 4K Ultra HDTVs at a cheaper price, Sony has also launched the world’s first 4K video download service!

Sony’s Video Unlimited 4K video download service (which was previously announced) has now gone live in the U.S. This service is the world’s first and only video downloading service that offers 4K ultra HD videos.

With no physical 4K format, it has been left to Sony to develop this 4K video downloading service. A lot of people don’t want to drop a lot of cash on a 4K TV and not be able to play any native 4K content, and be stuck with upscaling 1080p content.

The Video Unlimited 4K service will work with Sony’s FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD Media Player, which will pump out beautiful native 4K (3,840×2,160 pixels) to a Sony TV or projector. And yes, we specifically mentioned Sony there, as it looks like Sony has currently locked the FMP-X1 to only work with Sony’s products.

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Sony KDL-65W850A

Sony KDL-65W850A 65-Inch LED TV Launched

Sony has been very busy at this years IFA show in Berlin, and have announced a number of new products including a curved LED TV, and new 4K ultra HDTVs.

Along with these announcements, Sony also took the wraps off of the Sony W850A series, which consists solely of the 65-inch Sony KDL-65W850A.

The Sony Sony 5W850A looks to have a very similar design to the W9 series announced at CES earlier this year, and it also features a Full HD 1080p LED LCD panel. The W9 series caps out at 55-inches, so this will be great news for someone who has been eying the W9 series, but longing for a larger model.

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Sony KDL-65S990A

Sony KDL-65S990A Curved LED LCD TV

Sony have just announced the KDL-65S990A 65-inch curved LED LCD TV. If you have been paying attention, that makes it the worlds first curved LED TV. We have of course previously seen curved OLED TVs.

Both LG and Samsung were the first to show off a curved OLED TV at CES 2013 earlier in the year, and have both recently brought them to market. The curved OLED TV was the first OLED TV to be released in the U.S.

If you were anything like us, we were thinking that the curved technology was unique to OLED technology, but now thanks to the Sony 65S990A curved OLED TV, this clearly isn’t the case.

Unlike the curved LG OLED TV which costs $15,000, and the Samsung curved OLED model which costs $9,000, the Sony S990A curved LED edge lit TV costs “just” $3,999.99.

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Sony X8 4K TV

Sony X8 55X850A, 65X850A Cheaper 4K TV

Sony have been very busy at IFA 2013 and have just announced the Sony X8 series of 4K Ultra HD TVs.

The X8 series is very similar the the X9 series which was announced earlier in the year at CES 2013, but the X8 have a lower price point, and do not feature the advanced “elephant ear” magnetic fluid speakers.

Sony is now leading the Ultra HD TV market with five 4K ultra HDTVs.

The Sony X8 55-inch XBR-55X850A ($3,499) and 65-inch XBR-65X850A ($4,499) will be available in stores “shortly”.

While they have lost the extra wide speakers, and enjoy a lower asking price, it looks like it hasn’t lost any other features, and of course has the 4K 3840 x 2160-pixel resolution.

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Sony NSZ-GU1

Sony NSZ-GU1 Google TV Dongle

Sony for sometime now have been trying to get some form of their Google TV platform off of the ground, but they’ve not been having too much luck.

But we’re now in a post Google Chromecast world and now suddenly everyone can’t get enough of the Google powered device.

Documents have leaked from the FCC of an upcoming device from Sony. The Sony NSZ-GU1 is a dongle device, not too dissimilar to the Google Chromecast (view our Chromecast review), only larger, with a HDMI pass through port thrown in.

But the NSZ-GU1 is more than the Chromecast, it’s essentially the Chromecast + Google TV. It will offer a full interface, with app support, and built in streaming services.

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Sony XBR-55X900A

Sony Leading Ultra HD TV Market

There is a fierce battle going on right now with the Ultra HDTV / 4K market between Samsung, Sony and now LG.

We have seen both Samsung and Sony knocking huge amounts of cash off of their asking prices. Sony’s 65-inch model is now selling for $1,500 less than it was when it was released, and Samsung’s 65-inch model now demanding $2,000 less than it’s opening market price just a few weeks ago.

According to DisplaySearch Sony has 37.8% market share of the global Ultra HD TV market for the first half of 2013. LG ranks second at 14.2%, while Samsung is apparently in seventh position with a 4% share. We’re curious as to who is in third to sixth position!

While these statistics clearly show that Sony is way in the lead, it is also important to none that Sony was the first to release their 65-inch and 55-inch sized Ultra HDTVs, while the LG and Samsung models of the same size are much newer to the market.

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