Sony 2012 HDTV Prices Leaked

Just a few days ago pricing for the new 2012 Panasonic plasma HDTVs were leaked via an authorized dealer.

Today we have just seen two more manufactures have their prices leaked, Sony and Sharp.

We will concentrate on the 2012 Sony HDTV prices in this article.

HDTV manufactures like to keep their prices underwraps until they are in the stores and shipping out to users. We suspect this is mostly so they can keep their prices competitive and keep their eyes on their competition prices.

Either way, lets get down to the juicy details.

  • KDL-32BX330 | $399.99
  • KDL-40BX450 | $599.99
  • KDL-46BX450 | $799.99
  • KDL-40EX640 | $999.99
  • KDL-46EX640 | $1299.99
  • KDL-55EX640 | $1999.99
  • KDL-46HX750 | $1799.99
  • KDL-55HX750 | $2299.99
  • KDL-46HX850 | TBA
  • KDL-55HX850 | TBA

As you can see the budget friendly 32-inch model starts at just $399.99, going up to $2299.99 for the 55-inch HX750 model.  The HX850 prices are currently unknown.

Sony KDL-40EX640

Sony KDL-40EX640

For more details be sure to view our Sony 2012 HDTV article.

The prices given are MAP prices (manufacturer’s minimum advertised price), as my be subject to change upon release.

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